What rock do I place my faith in? Where do I find assurance that God is real?

What knowledge do I ground my faith in? Given that God is real, I can see how his commands lead to true satisfaction (and I personally feel that), I also see how achieving new purposes and freedom is available in Christ, I can see how that given that God is real how his commands are the truth.

I've been suffering with doubts for quite a while, but , see how relevant the Bible is, and I love the idea, frankly if God weren't real I'd be kinda disappointed because I love the idea. I can see the wonderful promises in the Bible, promises of being back in communion with God, life and life to the full. 

I feel peace and satisfaction of the idea of God. Before my doubts I would call myself a christian. In fact my Facebook status says "full time follower of Christ", and yes I've asked forgiveness of my sins, and yes I understand the difference between following religion and a discipleship with Christ. I understand it and I see how religion puts you in bondage while Jesus leads to true life (as Jefferson Bethke says.)

I just don't know where to put my faith, what to anchor it on, what rock to wrap it around? Where do I find assurance that God is real?
I do understand not to place faith on feelings, but now i'm just wondering...well what do I place it on? You see I've suffered from doubts that God is real for quite a while, I could be singing praises in church one moment and then BAM...my heads full of doubts, and I find myself questioning if he is real.

I should also note that around that time I didn't study the Bible...or at least VERY little, my prayer life was good, but I didn't see the importance of it, but recently I've been getting better, and I can see how that given that God is real, how he would use these doubts to better my relationship with him, and I'm seeing more of a reason to pray earnestly (to get rid of the doubt)......but now I've hit a wall, I find myself waiting on God, waiting for him to show himself to me or show me where I can find the rock to which my faith can cling when the sea bellows roar (I'm in the boys brigade). Please help, 

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May I say that you have a great foundation standing on the rock and are indeed headed in the true direction, your battle is in the renewing of the mind.
Ephesians 4:23

If you fully understand the high price that was paid for you by our Lord on the cross with His precious blood while we were still His enemies and sinners, this correct salvation knowledge now makes you a most formidable warrior!
 1 Samuel 17:48 

Most battles are won or lost in the mind as they begin there, if the enemy can cause you to doubt that you'll be victorious, chances are you won't..
Worse still would be fear that becomes crippling to you and those with you to the point of not advancing and engaging the task given into your hand.
1 Samuel 17:24

The evil one can not defeat you on the field of battle, where the full armor is on and you are secure in it. His main heavy weapon is deception, finding the weak spot to deceive you into speaking the seeds of your own defeat or quitting.
1 Samuel 17:38-39

In the Lord's true freedom............warrior on

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