What does it mean to have the appearance of godliness but deny its power? Examples?

I've read some commentaries that explain who these people were in the times of Jesus but can you give some examples this scripture would refer to today. (other than the the easy ones, JW's and Mormon).

2 Timothy 3:5

ESV - 5 Having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

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Mini Eric Rotmil

Its simple, having no real fear of God.
Form of Godliness means they go to church and worship religiously.
But in their private life still willfully do things that are sinful .
Galatians 5:19 is a list of the obvious:
sexual immorality= sex outside marriage
Drunkenness (includes drugs now)
Greed = putting $ before God
Impurity (porn masturbation, etc)
Hatred = prejudice and simple lack of love for others
to name a few.
In this world most supposed Christians don't walk the walk
and the religious people that lack humility would rather argue about doctrine than just obey what God said.
For example acts 2:38 peter said repent and be baptized for forgiveness of sins. Many believe you don't need to do that, to their loss.
Proverbs 9:10 says the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom
of course God wants our response to be Love not just cowering fear.
If I really believe God is, then my life will show it.

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