Does the Bible mention anything about curing mental health issues?


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Mini Glenn Harrell Bi-vocational Minister, writer

My brother disappeared when he was 17. Two weeks later, we found him some 500 miles away. He had no memory of what had happened but we found out. His crowd had plenty of drugs of the psychotropic variety. Whatever the drugs did to his brain, he never fully regained his mind, even after 30 years. Today, he lives on his own but barely. 

My uncle drank and drank and.... 
What my brothers drugs did to his brain, my uncles alcohol did to his liver and he lived a very short life.

You want me to keep going? How about you take over with your family?

My Psychologist friend tells me that the root of most psychological problems in humanity is born and nurtured in the realm of avoidance.

THE AVOIDANCE OF PAIN. Trying to run from this beast or trying to avoid it all together can be maddening.

Since we all have pain from childhood upward.
Since pain comes in so many colors and varieties.
Since pain is here to stay...

Then we need coping skills. How can we cope with that which hurts and makes us so fearful?

Bullying is a popular source of pain. Look at the way kids try to cope. 

Divorce and parental abuse. How many of us adults still carry around our necks the memories of childhood we would pay any amount of money to be able to erase?

PTS (post traumatic syndrome) is common because so many of our soldiers experience pain most of us will hopefully never be able to relate with. How can they cope?

Since pain is here to stay, lets talk about it. Sounds too simple doesn't it. A common therapy for someone afraid of heights is to begin a regime of graduated height travels. Talking is the exit door pain is so afraid to peep out. Pain wants to tuck itself away in our memories and close our lips. It wants to drain us of energy and will. It is like a splinter. We can be so afraid of the needle that could remove it, we choose to leave it in and let it become an infection.Why do we do this? Amazing--a sick heart and mind from zip-lip.


So, we face our pain and suffering and we welcome it?

Yes, that is right. But, we work at eliminating the coping mechanisms that only make our pain worse. We must not become our own worst enemy running away from pain by creating new pains of worse variety. (drugs & alcohol among others)

Act ONE--accept that suffering (self induced or not) is not going away. Become highly stubborn and proactive with resolve on this point. No forward motion can happen without it. Whether we think we deserve this pain or not, a fantasy only clouds it. (I Peter 4:1-19)

Act TWO--apply knowledge to your wounds (I Peter 3:8-18)

Act THREE--accept your punishment where needed (a needle that removes the splinter) Look in the mirror with a humble acceptance of failures that you own. (I Peter 2:20-24) (Hebrews 12:7-12)

Act FOUR--approach forgiveness. Begin the journey to accepting forgiveness from others you ask---forgiving those who have hurt you--forgiving yourself when you have experienced the forgiveness of God. (Colossians 3:13-14) (Romans 2:1-14)

Act FIVE--acknowledge you need help. Remember the "I've fallen and I can't get up" lady. Say it--"I have fallen--I need help to get up!"

Act SIX--ask for help. Get a physical with your MD. Will he recommend a Psychologist?-- Perhaps a Psychologist who is a Christian. Most pastors have little training in this field and know their limits. They can be a great source of strength and encouragement and you need this too. The Psychologist also knows his limits and when Psychiatric assistance could be needed. 

Act SEVEN-- away with shame and embarrassment. Just as our physical bodies need a doc, so too our minds need those whom God has gifted.

Finally, do you know Jesus? If not, pray to him, whatever your present state. He loves you. He wants your love and trust. (Matthew 11:28)

"God's Spirit doesn't make cowards out of us. The Spirit gives us power, love and self-control." (II Timothy 1:7)


Glenn W. Harrell

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Stringio Debra Chiappetta Retired
Danielle 4:33 shows how the king of Babolyian, king Nebuchednezzar, became and how he ended up eating grass. In an extreme case, Mark 5:1-20 talks about Jesus' encounter with a man who cut himself, who harmed himself and others so much that the community tied him up but he kept getting out and hurting himself. Jesus healed him and the man was restored.

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Web avatar Norma Corban
I for one, know of mental illness. I suffered for years from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and developed PTSD. Once I was saved by Jesus, I started to go around and forgive everyone I could think of, I asked for everyone I could reach for their forgiveness. 

I have not forgotten the pain inflicted on me or mine on others, but forgiving as He forgave me, helped me :) 

I still attend sessions with a wonderful lady at the VA, whom I truly believe knows the Lord and she is still helping me. After being baptized, all of that was washed away and now being new through Jesus, I am relearning a lot. 

Not to be angry for silly things, patience, compassion, etc. It is all new to me, I did not grow up in a loving environment, so it's hard for me to grasp Love, etc. 

I do know, that the Lord is helping me, I truly tell myself this everyday, HE will help me, it keeps me going! 

I slip, I am not perfect...but by golly, even when I fall, He will pick me up and brush me off and let me move forward again!

He is SO patient with me :)

I LOVE my Jesus!

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