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Debra Chiappetta

Raised in church but didn't get it till i was 14 years old.  John 3:16 came alive for me at that time!  I became alive in Jesus Christ, my Personal Savior.  Everyone has good times and bad in their life.  He has been my guiding light through good times and my Rock during the bad times.

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What does Moses mean by saying God is "fearful in praise"?

"or in the things for which He is to be praised," is how Jill Gill's...

Comment 1 More Answer 1 Vote Asked May 10 2015


How can a father best meet the needs of a child born out of wedlock, and of his mother, while still showing love to his own wife?

Ask forgiveness from God, but this doesn't mean reconciliation with sinners....

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Does it matter 'why' you accept Jesus as your Savior?

Our reason for accepting Jesus as our Saviour is personal, yet must be based...

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Should Believers and Followers of Christ read or follow the teachings of "The Secret"?

Believers in Jesus are called to follow Jesus. We are called by Jesus to...

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What churches are the most liberal?

not sure if your goal is to go to liberal churches or to avoid them. For The...

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Should a Church ask members for personal loans?

I think you are asking "should the leaders of a church ask members of a...

2 Comments 2 Votes Asked June 22 2014


Does the Bible mention anything about curing mental health issues?

Danielle 4:33 shows how the king of Babolyian, king Nebuchednezzar, became...

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