How can I stop having negative thoughts? How can I overcome negative thinking?


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Mini Sandy van Warrebey

To help me focus on God's promises, I purchased a book that lists many of them. I make these a part of my daily devotions, realizing I can't stand on His promises if I don't know them. When I get to the end of the book, I start at the beginning again.

December 23 2015 Report

Mini Shirley H

I believe that Our God loves us where we are, whoever we are. I believe we live in a world riddled with sin. Satan, the god of this world, wants to control our minds. We must defend our thoughts,and ourselves, by God's words. This will wash our being, and put us in a different frame of mind. Just know that God loves you. Look at all he has provided for you. That thought alone,should bring hope and an uplifted spirit..pray, just be still, let Him speak to your mind and soul. Know He is ultimately in control. You are not alone!

March 18 2020 Report

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