How can I become a more cheerful giver?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
We can learn to be a cheerful giver by studying the greatest giver this world has ever known: Jesus Christ. Leaving behind the riches and glory of His heavenly kingdom, He came to Earth and willing...

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9aa51e4b447252291b959c696fb96539 400x400 Jeremiah Kaaya Pastor at Springs of Power Church, Teacher by professional
Giving is a lesson that we take time to learn and grasp. We learn of it through the scriptures and the more we read of such scriptures and through our personal experiences, we come to understand that giving is not just a choice; it is to be part of us.

One thing that has consistently helped me to learn to cheerfully give is what I have personally gone through. How God has provided for me even when I haven’t deserved it has been a lesson to me, that I don’t give so as to expect back, but to have the true image of God. Only God freely and cheerfully gives, the devil can’t freely give, neither can he (the devil) genuinely urge anybody to give, it is not his nature.

In Psalms 24:1; “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is therein”. This has taught me that none is mine I am simply a steward. I have come to learn that we don’t give to God because He lacks, but that He is the one from whom the much needed blessing (Proverbs 10:22) comes from, as such, if I need more blessing, I have to give, just as a sower who yearns to multiply his seed does. 

We are stewards, according to the Holy Scriptures, we came with nothing and we will return with nothing (Job1:21), (Luke 16:11-12). So we are not even giving per Se, much more so to God, because you can’t give someone what already belongs to Him (God), to give is to sow for more harvest, if you don’t give, you are simply sabotaging your next season’s harvest. Jesus gave in form of offering Himself as a sacrifice for the salvation of many; in return, He has reaped victory for all who accept Him as Lord and Saviour. What follows cheerful giving is cheerful reaping. Amen.

However, the question is; who do we give? When we give, what does it mean? Have you given to God by giving a person in need? Many of us have nursed a feeling over time that if we are giving to God, where and how is He involved in this? If all is God’s, why then does He ask us for the little we have? But how could we imagine in real life if we have eaten all the seeds but be able to reap in the next season? 

We have come to brand those in need as simply lazy people who do not want to work and therefore find themselves in such a state that they only have to be given. On the other hand though, it is also true that many people have turned out to be just lazy only expecting handouts from others who have only managed to earn by expending themselves. 

All the above is true, but it is also true that not all who hard work equally reap, some people surely need the blessing of God so as to make it in life.

By this therefore, it is important to give, “not to God directly” per Se, all is His and if He was hungry, He would not ask us for anything because all is His. He doesn’t eat food as we do, He doesn’t need a car or a piece of land, all is His, according to the scriptures. However, scripture (Mathew 25:31-46) says if we visit the sick, help the needy, feed the hungry, visit the prisoners, etc, we will have done it to God. Why? Because the people you are doing it to are created in the image of God. 

Everybody has the capacity to give at whatever scale it may be, it is counted by God because it is not what you have given, it is the heart from which and the spirit in which you have done so.

It is not bad to be rich, but your riches should be to the glory of God, How? We ought to use our riches in the service of God thereby cheerfully giving.

I have learnt to cheerfully give because I have cheerfully been given, not once, not twice but so many times.

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Mini Frederick Thomas Rom 3:4 ...let God be true...
How can you give cheerfully? It must be something that motivates an inward concern about the need of the less privileged have or a deep understanding of what it is to be in need. Just knowing you're going to lighten someones load. The kickback is not the deciding factor. That is secondary. James said "You ask but received not for you ask with wrong motives to spend it on yourself." So to give to get should actually be give to get to be able to give again. That should change the motive. Sow to reap to be able to give. The true concern brings satisfaction and cheerfulness. To put a smile on a face. To put food on the needy's table. When I was in that needy position (and it can happen again) I wished someone could help me. Now I cannot wait (when I am able), to give to a needy person because I know what joy and relieve it brings. God bless.

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