Should a minister be a god-parent to a child born out of wedlock?


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Stringio Gary Patton People Development Coach to Christians
My answer would be, of course a minister or priest or rabbi could love and be available to guide and support a child born to an unwed father and mother, by being a God-parent. 

Jesus, "God, The One & Only, does not consider the sins of adultery, fornication, or any other so-called "sexual sin" any more heinous than gossip, smoking or swearing. 

Regrettably, some Christians don't agree with God on this point or understand His words in the New Covenant (1 John 1:9). 

When we tell God we're sorry for disobeying Him, there's NOTHING He can't or won't forgive (Romans 8:28-39). 

We also don't have to ask, beg or plead for forgiveness the prior verse says. It's automatic when we say and mean to our heavenly Father that we're sorry, plus then do the best we know how in Holy Spirit's grace and power, not our own, to henceforth obey God out of love for what Jesus has already done for us.

As His costly gift, Jesus died to pay the full price and set everyone free from the deserved wrath of God, in the here and now as well as the hereafter, which results from humankind's sin nature and sins. This "Good News" requires only that a person choose to believe in, follow, and obey what God commands (Romans 10:8-13) and confess when we don't.

Hopefully, this anonymous questioner is not a "minister" who is considering being a God-parent to one of God's new creation's.

Blessings all!

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
There is a sense of indifference when we separate children born out of wedlock from "the rest of the society". It highlights what makes them different - focusing not on their personhood, instead focusing on the sins of their parents. 

It is as if the question is trying to find a justification for refusing to be involved with someone who has a tainted origin. This is not love. 

Should a child have a god-parent? Yes.
Even if the child is born out of wedlock? It doesn't matter.
Is it scandalous to be god-parent of this child? No.
For what reason would you accept this child? LOVE.
Are you fit to be a god-parent? Become fit.
Are you refusing because you are a minister? May God have mercy on your soul.
Think God will not use this child for his purpose? Don't get ahead of God, he knows what he is doing.

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1387143395 Lorenzo Efobi
The real question here is there any right in not being a part of such a child's life? What love is there in showing love to those that deserve it? Jesus says even the pharisees do the same. God commended his love to us in that while we were yet sinners christ died for us. go and do likewise.

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Mini Patrick Malloy
Absolutely they should be a God-parent. That newborn baby will need to be loved, accepted, cared for and shown a godly role model of how life should be lived. This is no different than a baby that was born from within a marriage.

The newborn had no part of their parents plans, was guilty of no sin of theirs.

We are to show love to everyone, to take care of those that can not take care of themselves, to be a light in a dark place.

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10151506515883085 Frances Munro Homemaker, bible student, Sheepdog to the Master!
As the status/role of being a God parent has no scriptural basis at all, it is irrelevant to inquire whether someone should or shouldn't become one to any child - it is a man-made institution, so it makes no difference either way. Except of course, as far as the matter is concerned regarding the attitude of the parents. If agreeing to accept this role implies to the parents that their unrepented immorality is acceptable and condones their condition before God, then they should refrain from doing so. If however, the child is born to a mother who has subsequently repented of her immorality, but cannot marry or legitimise the baby, then, as a forgiven sinner, love and compassion should be extended and they both should be embraced and loved and supported within the Church Family.

However, our attitude to children born out of wedlock it important, and a child has no responsibility nor shoulders the blame for the immorality of their parents, and should be loved and cared for as much as any other child, legitimately conceived or not.

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