Do narcissistic people change their ways if they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior?


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Mini carolynn markiewicz

Hmmmmm, such a huge topic! It certainly is a process . Renewing our minds with the word of God ,meditating on the word day and night ,dying to the flesh , surrender to God resist the devil and he will flee from you, all of these are the very solution God gave for us all to transform into what Go made us to be.

The more time one spends with God in the word developing a relationship,
the more the transformation takes place.

I think the answer is yes,if they choose to renew their minds and want to change....

December 31 2013 Report

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Have learned SO much reading these comments...it explains so much to me...about myself, about the church today, and how to walk with my Lord. This is so important to understand and see how much selfishness I still have, and I can yield myself more to the Holy Spirit and turn from my selfish ways.

January 07 2014 Report

Mini carolynn markiewicz

Alice ,learning is a state all of us should be in until our Lord Jesus returns. As long as we stay teachable we are in God's will. This is one of the benefits of sharing the word of God with one another. God Bless Alice....

January 08 2014 Report

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