What does the Bible say about homosexual behavior in animals?

The Bible says homosexuality is not a natural behavior and that God did not create a person with homosexual desire. It also says that people become homosexuals because of sin.

But does the Bible address the topic of homosexual behavior in animals?

The fact that more than 500 species (different mammals, birds and insects) have homosexual and bisexual behavior is well-known and documented. I thought that animal were not impacted by sin (they are not born sinner like man). Therefore, does it mean that those homosexual behavior is natural in the animal kingdom?

Leviticus 18:22

LS1910 - 22 Tu ne coucheras point avec un homme comme on couche avec une femme. C'est une abomination.

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Mini Myrtle Maness

We are told that in the Bible Jesus cast demons out of a demon possessed man and the demons went into the animals...Is it possible that demons are possessing animals today? Demons don't have bodies but desire to have a body to live in...they prefer to live in a human body and I believe that when a person is homosexual that they are possessed by a demonic influence...

May 28 2015 Report

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