How can I know if I am truly discerning the Bible properly?

Obviously, the "burning in the bosom" experience is not enough proof. Is there some other type of “spiritual” experience needed to confirm that it is the Holy Spirit working?

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Photo John Moyo

I have found that watching bible movies has deeply enhanced my understanding of scripture and the bible. I have watched bible DVDs on my laptop from Genesis to Revelation and think seeing bible characters in action seems to achieve, at least for me, a more profound attraction towards God than reading the bible or other print material. I never seem to get enough of St Paul. I watch his videos over and over and every time I get the same thrill I got the first time.

December 10 2013 Report

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How do we rightly divide the word of truth? This is what you are asking. First pray! Then study! Then pray some more! Honestly, this is what I've learned from a life long study of the word of God. My advice is to first ask God to show you his truths, and he will do it. Not all at once, it does not work that way, so if anyone tells you different maybe you need to listen to someone else, because they just know enough to be dangerous.

When you're studying you need to put everthing in the right perspective: when, where, from whom, to whom, & the subject in its context. Be open to other people's views. This is something that you're not going to be able to get it all on your own. And about the time that you think you've got it, God will show you a different or deeper truth.

I have studied the Bible for 39, almost 40 years, and God showed me something new today. So my advice is STUDY! PRAY! STUDY! & PRAY some more!

December 13 2014 Report

Mini James Kraft

The basis of all New Testament preaching was Christ and Him crucified. We need to remember this with all new converts as everyone comes from different backgrounds and bring some baggage into the Christian life. I am guilty of being dogmatic about some things that are not important. We all need to grow and will never know it all in this life. I am a learner of Him still.

April 17 2015 Report

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