How should a Christian view the use of homeopathy?


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Belfastfella Casper Mcconnell Casper the Irish
I had an aunt, fundamental brethren evangelical, a sound Christian woman who showed me our Fathers love in how she lived who used bach, Chinese therapies and homeopathy. Not what I expected since these are alternative treatments. So when my child woke sweating in his cot and the doctor offered zonking sedatives, I took him to a homeopathist, who turns out to be a consultant in his day job and a Christian (in fact, Brethren). The diagnosis was a thorough 45minute consultation (may sound like gobbledygook but "night terrors from an inherited tuberculinum syndrome" The treatment was dramatically effective, and to this day would only recur in circumstances of stress or illness.

When I was a broadcast reporter I did a story on a dairy farmer who grew his grass for silage organically and treated his herd by a homeopathic vet. So when a milking cow develops mastitis it can permanently damage one or more quarters for the quality and volume of milk production. Cow still eats so its a big loss to any farmer and normally incurable, but this man's cows were healed. Several spoonfuls in the water trough, to treat the whole herd and not the sick individual. This is not a placebo, the cows don't know they are being treated. 

But what is in the water?  There is no significant chemical molecule there. Medics mock this, it flies in the face of all they know, they dig up the flakey background of Samuel Hahnemann who discovered homeopathy in an attempt to protect their own methodology of giving drugs to cure all our spiritual, mental and physical dis-ease. As Christians we know that all illness comes from the Fall, our broken relationships with our Maker, our fellow men, and ourselves. Unforgiven hurts, stubborn independence, deceits of the heart all result in our body, mind and relationships, also our environment being abused, hurt, confused. We are made to be healthy and in the Love of our Father but we do not, and the complex defense mechanisms of our bodies turn against us to fight that hurt, and break down in a way that no medicine can cure, but only manage. More, medicines are a massive industry, taking naturally occurring substances like minerals, analgesics, antibiotics to patent and sell. This is what the bible calls Sorcery. Look the word up, it includes the concoction of herbal and chemical potions.

Homeopathy takes a naturally occurring poison which is known to cause your symptoms, the closest matching combination. This is shaken in water, diluted and shaken many times The more dilute the shaken solution, the more potent it is thought to become until the dilution is so great there is nothing left in several drops you take. This is why aspersions are cast by mocking scientists, calling it hocus pocus. Perhaps if you analyzed a blank CD before and after it was recorded you would think there was nothing on it. Could there be an imprint shaken into the water molecules?

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Data Steven Best Former mil intel analyst, chiropractor & Bible Teacher
The Bible clearly has no affinity for or against homeopathy, though its principles do align with a number of scriptural principles. The allopathic medical establishment in the United States is so deeply entrenched within the power houses of government and media, that Americans are constantly bombarded with one way of thinking. This is not true in other parts of the world. Here are just a few facts regarding homeopathy, that one might find interesting:

1. Homeopathy has been used in the UK for over two hundred years

2. Hippocrates, acclaimed as the father of modern medicine and honoured by doctors in the ‘Hippocratic Oath’, was the first to suggest that a person’s own healing ability was vital in choosing the right cure for an ailment.

3. Homeopathy is based on three principles.
 The first principle is ‘like cures like’. Something that in large doses creates the symptoms of a disease, will, in small doses, cure it. This is similar to the theory behind vaccines.  The second principle is extreme dilution which enhances the medicine’s healing properties and eliminates undesirable side-effects along the way.  The third principle is that the whole person must be taken into consideration when choosing a remedy.

4. Usually homeopathy can be used safely and effectively alongside conventional medicine and is non-addictive and is usually only taken for a short time.

5. Today, homeopathic remedies are regulated by the UK 1Government via the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).
Pillule bottles

6. Remedies can be administered in many forms, including tablets, ointments, liquid, or sprays.

7. A homeopathic pharmacy will make up a wide selection of homeopathic remedies available in different forms, including soft tablets, which are easier to give to children.
8. Celebrities such as Paul McCartney, David Beckham, Twiggy, Caprice, Susan Hampshire, Tina Turner, Louise Jameson, Gaby Roslin, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Nadia Sawalha, Jennifer Aniston, Jade Jagger, Roger Daltry, Annabel Croft and Meera Syal reportedly use homeopathy.

9. The English Royal Family has been under homeopathic care since 1830 and there has always been a Royal Homeopathic Doctor and the Queen carries her 'black box' of homeopathic remedies with her on all her travels.

10. Most high street chemists and whole-food shops now stock a limited range of frequently used homeopathic remedies (in the 6C or 30C potencies).  Dr Edward Bach, the founder of the Bach flower remedies was also a noted homeopath.

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