Will Jehovah's Witnesses go to heaven?


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Mini Tamara Kaye

No, they are not born again. They flatly deny that one must be born of the spirit. Christ according to the WT is the mediator of only the 144,000. The great crowd only benefits by associating with the anointed (144,000).

They deny the deity of Christ saying he is not to be worshipped. His death only provided a chance for you to work your way to paradise. They trust in their righteousness not Christ's.

Please pray for them. I was raised one, God saved me. My relationship with Christ now was nothing like the way I was taught.

February 11 2014 Report

Data Tony Flores

Tamara, I will pray for the JW's and thank God that you saw the light and are taking steps to pray for them. Thanks for your ministry in Jesus Christ. I too was confused with the Catholic and other denominations, but I have seen the truth in Jesus Christ.

March 24 2014 Report

Mini Tamara Kaye


March 24 2014 Report

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