Is not the phrase "Heaven and Earth' one of the very first metaphorical references to the Star of David?


In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.

- Genesis 1:1

THE HEAVENS- Upward Triangle
AND THE EARTH- Downward Triangle
GOD CREATED- Both Triangles at once representing all of God's Creation.


I Jesus...am the Root and Branch of David, the bright Morning Star.

- Revelation 22:16

ROOT::Downwards Triangle
BRANCH: Upward Triangle:
MORNING STAR/TREE OF DAVID: Both Triangles Unified


Genesis 1:1

NIV - 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

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Doktor D W Supporter
The literal interpretation serves Genesis 1-2  quite well. If the plain sense makes sense seek no other sense.

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Data Brandon Hughes Regular Worker Guy
This is an example of trying to read something in to the bible that isn't there. Why would a triangle be used to symbolize heaven or earth? Why not an arrow or a spear or something else pointy? 

Further, the Star of David is two overlapping triangles. The heavens (sky) and earth (land) do not overlap, there is a clear distinction between the two. If heaven and earth are triangles then putting them together makes a square turned on its side or a diamond.

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John eglinton 10 John Eglinton Creator
Heaven Within 
The next statement --- that God created the heaven and the earth allows us to ponder the Bible’s way of using words. The fact that the Bible deals with spiritual and psychic matters, it could be referenced as an esoteric book, and therefore, in common with all other esoteric literature, it makes a symbolic use of words for the purpose of succinctly expressing ideas which would otherwise require elaborate explanation. The other purpose is that of concealing its meaning from those who are not yet ready to be entrusted with it. We should not be discouraged as the earnest student; will discover the truth by comparing one part of the Bible with another will find that the Bible itself affords the clue to the translation of its own symbolical vocabulary. 
Here, as in so many other instances, the Master has given us the key to the right interpretation. He says that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us; in other words, that "Heaven" is the kingdom of the innermost and spiritual; and therefore by deduction the “Earth" is the symbolic opposite metaphorically as it means the exterior or material world. We are starting the history of the evolution of the world in which we live; that is to say, this Power, which the Bible calls "God", is first presented to us in the opening words of Genesis at a stage immediately preceding the commencement of a stupendous work. 
If we contemplate the original conditions necessary for Creation to occur there needs to be a force or Natural Law of Cause and effect, action/reaction as every particle or force there has to an opposing one. One particle needs to active and the other passive for the production of energy to work. This is what is meant by the creation of Heaven and Earth; it is that operation of the eternally subsisting ONE upon Itself which produces its dual expression as Energy and Substance. 
This statement in no way suggests a separation, for Energy cannot exist with it being in an energetic state.
 You can have motionless energy otherwise every minute particle to the grossest would cease to exist. The world would disintegrate. To put it another way for Life to manifest at all there must be something that lives. 
This is the fundamental truth, and is the very foundation that debunks any thoughts we may have that we are separate beings from the Divine nature of our Creator. It is the misguided truth that is the root cause of all our troubles. In its first verse, therefore, the Bible starts us with the conception of Energy or Life inherent in substance and shows us that the two constitute a dual-unity which is the first manifestation of the Infinite Un-manifested ONE. God created man in his own likeness and image so that the creator could express himself into manifestation. In other words turning Spirit (un-manifested) into Man (Manifested). This is the whole purpose of Creation. (God-man).
Because I AM --you are! ----------I am you and you are me.

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