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Did not Jesus say "peace I leave you, peace I give you" in John 14:27?


Matthew 10:34

NIV - 34 Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

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B8c746f3 63c7 43eb 9665 ef7fba8e191b Kelli Trujillo Supporter Minister, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher, Musician
Yes, Jesus did say that in another context, for a specific purpose. In the passage that you referenced, Jesus is speaking to His disciples before sending them out on their own to minister in His earlier days of walking with them and teaching them. He was warning them that they would face tribulation and testing as they went out, that not everyone would be open to receiving their message, and that the gospel was bound to cause upheaval and division in some situations, just as it still does today.

In other places, such as John 14, Jesus says that He gives us peace. In John 14, Jesus is preparing to leave His disciples to ascend to heaven, and is giving them parting instructions as well as encouragement. Before leaving their physical presence He wanted them to know that 1) He wanted them to be at peace among themselves and for all other believers to be at peace with each other, and 2) no matter what trials the disciples and other believers will face, we can always find genuine peace in Jesus.

So in one place Jesus is talking about the upheaval that the gospel will bring, and in another He is assuring His followers that in spite of the upheaval we may encounter as we follow Him, we will always have access to a heavenly peace that transcends the tribulations of this world.

I hope this helps.

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Mini Gregory Tomlinson Minister, husband,father,grandfather,vet., college graduate
The answer is in the passages; Individual peace that comes from the borned again experience and the other addresses the world and to a world that loves darkness and refuses the light it creates conflict because it exposes and reproves their evil deeds. 

In the end He returns as a conquering King of Kings to pass judgment and live and reign as our Ruler supreme.

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Mini Jimmy Posthumus
When looking at Luke 2:14 the angels glorified God and said peace among men, what this means is that there are peace between God and the human race. When looking at Jesus and the question that was asked, Jesus meant that peace that Jesus is giving and the peace Jesus is leaving is the peace between the Godhead and the human race. That is why Jesus said peace I give you which was never there and the peace Jesus leaves is that God will never take that peace back!

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Mini Anonymous
But what about the verse in Matthew 10:34? Nobody is responding to that verse. Please help!

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Doktor D W Supporter
Fasten your seat belt ~ ~ ~ and your shoulder harness!!! The entire Book of Matthew was written to Jews! It concerned the necessity for the Hebrew Nation, National Israel, to return to the Abrahamic Covenant and to honor Jesus as their promised Jewish Messiah. Matthew, Chapter 10, verse 34, is obviously included. That particular verse introduces the fact that in the end times, during the Tribulation, everyone will turn against everyone. The church, the Body of Christ, will have already exited this place in the Rapture. We won't be here. The events described in Matthew 10 concern those who will be left behind because they failed to accept Jesus as their promised Messiah. There won't be any authentically born-again Believers in Jesus as Savior in the Tribulation, hallelujah! We will have been caught up to meet Him in the air, and so shall we forever be! Yea!

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Data Brandon Hughes Regular Worker Guy
Is this supposed to be an alleged contradiction? This can be solved by basic grade school reading comprehension. 

In John 14 Jesus is talking to his disciples in the upper room, comforting them before he leaves to die on the cross.

Matt 10 is Jesus speaking to his disciples as he is sending them out into the world to spread the gospel and warning them of opposition they will encounter with those who reject the message.

The bible is not a collection of sentences to be cut and pasted in whatever order the reader wants. Paragraphs, chapters and books were meant to be read together, this provides context so we can understand what is being said.

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Stringio Oun Kwon
Peace is used in different context. The one Yeshua is going to give is God's shalom. The other is the kind of sociopolitical peace people were yearning for.

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