What happens once we die?

What happens if we are saved in Jesus Christ? What happens if we are not saved?

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Doktor D W

The Jehovah Witness organization, the Mormons, the Catholic church hierarchy, so-called "Christian" Science, and lots of others, provide misinterpreted information. Far better to pray and place your faith, hope and trust in what the Holy Spirit reveals to you as you study in the Gospel according to Paul, that was given to him by Jesus Himself.

December 01 2014 Report

Doktor D W

The soul is the mind, will and emotions. It is the soulish, sinful nature that we were born with. its opposite is the Spiritual Nature that we received when we accepted God's offer of eternal salvation. It never dies. Those without it head for the Great White Throne Judgment. Those with it are Heaven Bound, instantly, Hallelujah!!

January 24 2015 Report

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