Where is Satan?

Is Satan in hell?

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Image Ebo bayem Urenwoke

Was there a satan that misled Lucifer? What was that thing that misled him to go against God and wanted to take the throne?

January 11 2014 Report

Mini Stephen Farr

This is not quite right. Satan (the devil) WILL be in hell as the Bible is very clear that those without Christ (who reject Jesus) will be thrown into the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels. When Lucifer (morning star - the devil - Satan) said to himself that he could be like God that was the very first sin, pride. He was then thrown out of heaven and took a third of the angels with him. So technically speaking there are 2 angels for every demon. Whether Satan took all the angels or not Jesus is still the Creator of the universe, and the Trinity that and Gospel message that all evangelical Christians believe in is the only truth. Satan and all his fallen angels (demons) will never win as God created them, and God will destroy them to everlasting punishment and damnation in hell.

March 01 2014 Report

Mini vanessa pannuti

I think that what happened to Lucifer is that he was exalted, envious and a rebel. I think Satan is indeed in this world and I suppose he's even able to speak to us through all those who even tough alive are spiritually dead.

October 15 2014 Report

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