Why is Biblical Creationism so important?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Asking why biblical creationism is important is like asking why a foundation is important to a building. Biblical creationism is foundational to the Christian faith. Christianity is established in ...

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Mini ainsley chalmers Medical Research Scientist, devoted family man.
Biblical creationism is critical to our Christian faith. If you cannot believe the first chapter of the bible why believe the rest? As a research scientist, I have found over many years that the science of the bible ticks all the boxes of logic and what we know ie it makes sense. For example

1. Evolution just cannot happen. One cannot go from goo to you via microbes, monkey to mankind. Biology just doesn't work that way. Mutations result in DNA degradation not new information and life forms. It results in disease and death. And natural selection cannot do anything about that.
2. Adam and Eve were real folk and Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA studies confirm that. There weren't folk around for 200,000 years or so before Adam and Eve because they would have become extinct probably in less than 100,000 years knowing the mutation rate. Also Adam living to 900 years confirms his low/zero mutation load after leaving Eden. The low mutation rate in the early years after creation also explains how close relative intermarrying, without the consequent effects of deleterious mutations, could occur.
3. The rock strata/geology of the earth and fossil record indicate a worldwide flood. The presence of Carbon-14 in fossil organic material indicates an earth thousands of years old, not millions/billions. Also the fossil record shows that there were not any intermediate life forms which would have been consistent with evolution.
4. Dinosaurs are said to have died out 65 million years ago. However secular scientists have published that they have found red blood cells, organic protein material and DNA remnants in dinosaur bones indicating that these animals were around a few hundred years ago. Also carvings/artworks of dinosaurs in various 400-500 year old sites around the globe confirm that they were of recent origin. 
5. Light we can observe from stars 14 billion light years away can be explained by time/dilation by huge gravitational effects experienced in creation week.

In conclusion, the whole of creation shouts the existence of Almighty God and confirms that the word of God is absolute truth. We can glimpse the nature, beauty and love of God through observing the wonders of His creation.

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Andy  3 photo Andy Mangus I am a Christian since October 1979 & devoted truth seeker.
Every Christian needs to fully understand with steadfast conviction that Genesis is the foundation of Truth, is Truth and is in direct conflict/contradiction to what Satan wants everyone to believe. God tells us the "precise details of Creation" in the first book--Genesis! "For in six days, God created the heavens and the Earth, Adam and Eve and all the fullness thereof!" Satan has been and is continuing to 'deceive untold billions since. --Andy--

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Nils 1 Nils Jansma Missionary in San Diego California
The Biblical account of Creation is important because it becomes a basis for belief in God for many who are just starting life’s journey. In today’s world, belief in God and the Bible appears to be challenged by science particularly with regard to the age of the universe. However, the more we discover about science, the more valid Genesis chapter 1 of the Bible becomes.

Therefore, young people who are searching for direction in life should not be led to believe that the Bible is a book of fantasy, particularly when it deals with science issues such as are found in its first chapter. In recent years, instead of science being opposed to the Bible, it has become one of its biggest supporters with regard to the creation of the “heavens and the earth.” In times past, dating clear back to Aristotle (384–322 BC), the universe was believed to be eternal. This belief prevailed even down to modern times. This belief, however, is directly contradicted by the Devine assertion regarding a beginning of the universe as stated in the very first words of the Bible. With the discovery of the Big Bang hypothesis, this all changed. Science was forced to agree with the Bible.

In support of this fact, it should be realized that there is no time element such as day or night involved with Genesis 1:1. We start with a simple narrative stating a fact that the earth was created along with the heavens which included the sun, moon and stars. Therefore, the heavens and the earth was created before Day 1. For this reason, Genesis 1:2 follows with a statement describing a completed planet earth whose surface is in total darkness covered by a world-wide ocean with evidence of life already present in its waters. Why is it important to know this distinction? Because there is no other pagan creation account that even comes close to describing the origins of the heavens and earth in such valid scientific terms.

Despite original opposition by atheists, science now confirms the fact that the universe as we know it, had a beginning with the “Big Bang.” The geologic facts also indicate how the earth and its atmosphere came to be in a state of being completely dark and covered with a world-wide ocean along with life already existing in its waters. The remainder of Genesis chapter 1 follows a slow step by step process, all supported by scientific facts, showing how Jesus, the Word of God, prepared the earth for human habitation. 

So, again, why is Biblical creation important, because it gives one a provable basis for belief in God.

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1515012380789778228527 RICK PORTER Chaplain [ Truckers Chapel ]-- Undeserving Child of God
These are all very good points. I just want to add, without Genesis there is no 65 other books, for " In the beginning God" is what all the other books are based on.

Without Biblical Creation we are all animals with no Spirit connection to the Creator.

In Romans we are told God scoffs at mankind that reject Him as Creator and that mankind has become fools bloated or puffed up in their own folly, which they call wisdom.

Psalms 8:3-8, Colossians 1:16, and Revelation 4:11 all hinge on Genesis being relevant and critical.

Without Genesis 1:1 there is no Revelation 22:21.

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Open uri20160831 4258 a400e3 Chris Shafer Married, 5 daughters,Test Engineer, Leidos Corporation
I somewhat disagree that Biblical Creationism is important. My belief is that Adam and Eve did exist and like all humans were created by God. I believe that they were the first humans that God created, and used as the example, to begin spiritual teaching to all of humanity. Adam and Eve were the "relevant" (per God's choice)beginning point of God's teaching spiritual guidance to us - what we need to know wrt our spiritual lives and well being. 

However, I do not believe that they were the first actual human beings to exist on this earth. I believe that there were many humans that preceded Adam and Eve. However, the existence of these other human beings was irrelevant to the message of the Bible and God's intent to teach us through their lives. This is supported by the scripture where Cain went off and married outside of the family produced by Adam and Eve. There were other human beings existing at that time. But again, their existence and stories were not relevant to God's intent to teach us how we our to live our lives. 

In my opinion the Bible describes all of the relevant characters and teachings that God wants to reveal to us to provide us the blue print for how we should live our lives. There are many historical events and people outside of the teachings of the Bible that simply are not relevant to this purpose - and they are therefore not included in the Bible. What happened prior to Adam and Eve, and the earth in general wrt to evolution is irrelevant to our spiritual well being and God's teachings. That's why it's not included in the Bible. So long as we are following the teachings and messages of God's word, beliefs/findings outside of the Bible are all non-factors in our lives with respect to our spiritual well-being, our beliefs in God and our beliefs in Jesus Christ as Christians.

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