What does the Bible say about ghosts or hauntings?


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Mini Tamara Estes

I had a co worker that kept having white ball shaped streaks in her pictures, especially in her home. She was using a digital, not old fashioned film camera. There was one shot in particular that got her curiosity up, it was a picture of her husband asleep in the recliner and this ball streak thing seemed to be hovering over her husband's face.
She took the camera itself to a photography studio that had equipment to zoom and clarify small objects in pictures. It was the spookiest, creepiest feeling I ever had when I saw the enlarged image. It was a woman's face looking at the husband. What was really scary was this co worker thought it was "neat" to have these "orbs" in her home. I did my best to tell her what they really were and to have her home blessed by a Christian ministry, but she refused. How can someone think this is so neat? I want only the Lord Jesus Christ in my home, and no, I have never had "orbs" in my pictures.

This stuff is real, my friends.

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