Should Christians celebrate Halloween?


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B7ff16be ae51 4fcc bf42 eb7da08e917f Heather Willcockson

Some people do it and can be okay with it. Personally, I don't see how that's possible, but nonetheless it happens. For me, I find it difficult to reconcile the pagan rituals of Halloween with the observance of All Saints Day either on the first of November or the nearest Sunday to it. I personally don't think the two have an equal place. I think there couldn't be two things more opposite. However, a lot of Christian denominations don't take an official doctrinal stance on the matter. Therefore, the question of whether it should be celebrated or not is really left to the individual. If you can observe the rituals of Halloween and have no problem with it, great. Go ahead. However, if there is any reservation in your heart or your mind about the matter, I don't recommend observing those rituals. For me, it creates internal conflict, but it doesn't do that for everyone. As long as it doesn't create internal conflict for you, I see no problem.

November 28 2013 Report

Mini rene lopez

I have studied the Bible and I have studied Satanism, Holloween is just another Satanistic tool to draw the weak Christian, to Satan, we are all weak. On that day some horrific things are done to innocent people in secret, stay away from any appearance of assistance to evil. Rather pray for the souls that are suffering that day.

November 29 2013 Report

Mini Elizabeth S

Ladies I stand in agreement with you 100%. With so many Christians and churches actively participating in this celebration I began to question whether I had become a 'holy roller' too arrogant for my own good. It is good to see there are Christians who are aware of what's going on spiritually and understand demons are real and their rituals are real. The word clearly states how the enemy is "seeking whom he may devour" and I am bothered by the numbers of Christians who are being deceived by his subtlety. Yes we must continue to pray for the suffering, the lost and the confused souls.

December 10 2013 Report

Mini Jasmine Densu

When they knock on your door, give them little bibles or worship songs for them to take home, then leave the rest to God.

June 07 2014 Report

Ahp %28269 of 293%29 Herman Van Lill

I would like to explain this with a parable, like our Savior also does. There once was a man that was quite a man of this world and went out just about every night to parties and having a lot of fun. As the days progressed he met a beautiful girl. They started dating and eventually were married. In the days following the wedding day the man still continued to party and was out, not as much, but at least every 2nd or 3rd day. When confronted with this by his wife be replied. "If you love me, you will be ok with it, because I am ok with it". Is this not what we all say when we try and justify or actions before the Lord of Hosts. Is our attitude not, Jesus loves me and that's enough to save me. So it's ok to partake in things that originates from the world's religions.

Jes 1:14 My soul hates your New Moons and your appointed feasts. They are a burden to me. I am weary of bearing them.

Let's first ask what is ok with the Creator before we try and justify if or actions are ok. Our Creator hates anything that was, or still is a ritual for another god, so my view is that it's not ok to take part in anything that is part of Halloween.

June 08 2014 Report

Isaiah 46 4. a i will sustain you and rescue you Berean Researcher

Trunk or Treat is very dangerous that some liberal churches engage in. I was unable to convince our Pastor to stop this activity. To me it boils down just like in the Garden do you pick evil or good?

October 30 2014 Report

Mini Steve Vallier

As a Christian for many years now, I have come to realize that God has called us who follow Him to be sanctified and set apart for His use. This often means not participating in things that the world does as we are supposed to be set free from the world and walking in the glorious kingdom of God. I have not participated in Halloween in many years. I have attended churches that have "harvest" celebrations and some that do not. As for me now, I would rather not participate at all and please God than to chance displeasing God and being shunned my people. We are called to be God pleasers and not man pleasers. i will take my chances with people and strive to please God alone. it is more important for me to please God than man and any true believer will agree with me on this. I want the Lord of hosts on my side and to trust Him with every fiber of my body, for He is my God , my Lord and my Savior. He and He alone knows what is best for me. I lean not on my own understanding, but on His Word.

November 08 2014 Report

Mini Rob Goldman

I trust those advocating that we as Christians should not participate in any way in Halloween activities (or allow our children to) also do not celebrate Christmas since it too originated as a pagan festival!

September 10 2015 Report

Mini Corrie Lof

I am a little surprised that nobody has mentioned Reformation Day! This year is actually the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's nailing of the theses! A very important event in Church History. I do not see it as a coincidence that Halloween falls on this day( or all Saints day). Same as the Easter Bunny distracts the s from Christ's death and resurrection, or Santa from His birth.

October 12 2017 Report

Mini Corrie Lof

Correction- distracts us from

October 12 2017 Report

Mini daryl marsh

This Halloween and every Halloween since1517 was the start of the protestant reformation. This year is even more special because it is the 500 year anniversary. I try to keep that in mind and in my prayers and worship and thank God our father for His wondrous work in Martin Luther.

October 13 2017 Report

Mini J E

It deals with the dark side and the Bible is clear 1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from EVERY form of evil. If you think its JUST about candy and fun then you are DECEIVED! It is a day Christians should be praying instead of playing. The deep background of this day is VERY evil. All you are teaching the kids is the devil is fun to play with!

September 30 2018 Report

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