Will the antichrist be a Muslim?


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Mini Janice Thomas

My opinion is that were the antichrist to come from Islam, we would not be fooled, taken by surprise... as the Bible tells us we will be.

It is not as if Islam has tried to deceive us in any way as to their aims, their beliefs. Their bible tells us what they believe. They haven't tried to creep in by flatteries; as the Bible says will be the case. And why, Islam as the antichrist is more than likely a smoke screen.

This being the true case according to the Bible; the Word of God, the antichrist will be a major church already up and running - the Bible tells us ' he is already amongst us and so powerful and with such a façade as to be able to easily deceive us all.

Firstly, a strong leader must emerge and the 10 kings - who only have their power for 1 day - will hand their power over to him; he will be the head; the leader of the European army.

The Bible says under his leadership, Europe will win the war against the South (China, Russia, Iran etc) then, Jesus Christ will wage war on the king of the North (the counterfeit church) and prevail.

The answer is to be found in studying the 12 tribes of Israel and where they are now geographically and politically.

You will discover that, Biblical Assyria (Not Syria) is Germany today with Brussels as the head of the European Union. The member states / Nations will be whittled down / merged into 10; hence the 10 kings; kingdoms (10 horns / 10 toes) Macron of France; who is unashamedly cow-towing to Germany is all but calling for this.

Islam does not hide behind a mask of piety and respectability while planning the end game themselves. They may well prove to be part of the end time war but definitely not the cause of it.

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