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Janice Thomas

Perpetual Bible student, retired Property Developer
I felt drawn towards God at only 12 years old but didn't understand the feeling /sense that 'something' or, 'Someone' was always with me back then.

I was brought up in a Children's Home in the 50's and Christened and Confirmed into C of E but even at that young age, I had reservations about the teachings because ...

Us kids and an old bag-lady always sat in the back pews. When I asked why the wealthy, important looking people sat at the very front in the same seats every week, I was told that important people needed to be heard and why they sat at the front nearest to God.

I said, 'If God can't hear us at the back, why do we go to church at all? To which, I was told 'Children should be seen and not heard!

The fact that, God is everywhere at the same time and hears all prayers didn't appear to come into it!

I'd also noticed that when the collection bag (it was later changed to a plate) was passed round, the people at the front didn't put any money in and yet, the poor old bag lady in her raggedy coat put a half-crown into the collection every week.

Again, when I asked why, I was told that wealthy people contributed in a different way. It wasn't till I started paying tax myself when, I understood that 'their contribution' was tax deductible... so they expected, and received something in return. 

The Bible says, 'To give and not to count the cost' …  which is what the poor bag lady in her raggedy old coat was doing so willingly, without seeking any financial benefit for her actions … 'save knowing that you do My will'.

It was remembering these things (Plus others) that induced me to search for the True Church of God where money, hypocrisy, self-love, position in society, inequality etc play no part unless it serves in furthering God's plan for us all... rich and poor alike.

Members of, the True Church adhere to the teachings of the Bible 'word for word' as did those of the early church started on the day of Pentecost. Today's members descend (spiritually) from the 'remnant' of that early church spoken of in the bible. 

I have come to know that God's True Church does not have a physical building; it is a Spiritual church. It is made up of all those for whom, Jesus Christ; our High Priest, is the corner stone and, we; the congregation are the building blocks still being added to today.

Our calling and relationship with God is personal. We do not need to attend a physical church because although we are to 'gather ourselves together in God's name', we do that by involving ourselves in daily bible study and prayer and interaction with like-minded followers of Christ … albeit via the internet.

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