Are Mormons Christians? Are Mormons saved?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Although Mormons profess to be Christians and say they believe the Word of God, there are many of their beliefs that contradict Christianity. In fact, Mormonism can be referred to as a cult, which ...

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Lets keep it simple - There is only ONE God (in three) and the Mormons believe that Jesus is God and use to prove it by Joseph Smith's Jr. 1st vision. Joseph Smith Jr. says he went into a field and prayed, or asked God, which church to join and was then, stated by Jr, to have two personages come to him and provide the answer (one being God the Father and the other being Jesus the son of god?) and was told correctly join none! The rest matters not :-) No man can see god and live as the bible says. Although Jesus told Philip that he had seen God however that God was in Jesus and thus Philip had seen God. The big thing and simple at the same time is that the Mormons however good, nice and peaceful they might be are worshipping another gospel which isn't (see Paul's letters) and thus not only are they and many others not Christians, they are not saved either. As Paul said, Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

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Mini Kenneth Heck
As a cult, Mormonism has probably achieved the highest membership in history at over 15 million worldwide. In the USA the membership is over 6 million, exceeded only by the Catholics, Baptists, Methodists and the COGIC according to the World Almanac for 2017.

Cults can be attractive because they may emphasize unique beliefs that appeal to certain kinds of people. The cult may say it has the only correct version of the bible, or only they will be saved out of everyone else, or, in the case of Mormons, they have certain knowledge no one else possesses, for example.

Historically speaking, the only good that the many heretical sects and cults could have done would be to inadvertently prepare people for the true gospel, when otherwise they could have remained in ignorance and unconverted for centuries. 

As I remember, at the beginning much was prophesied to be said against the Mormons, and justifiably so from the biblical viewpoint. Mormons are not exactly traditional Christians since they originate from the book of Mormon and Smith's other writings first, not from the bible first. 

Besides agreeing with the scriptures, there is the fruitfulness test. False prophets can be detected by their fruits (Matt 7:16-20). Beside the visible, physical fruits there are also the fruits of the spirit (Gal 5:22-23). How do these fruits manifest within the lives of Mormons? Not being a Mormon, I can't testify for them.

Can a Mormon be saved despite the false or non-biblical beliefs they hold? Perhaps yes, if the salvation process isn't contradicted. Can one false belief send a person to hell? Perhaps yes, if that belief contradicts the true nature of salvation. Salvation is for free; it can't be earned by good works. The saved person must correctly understand what sin is, realize that they have sinned, be remorseful over their sin, appeal to the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ in forgiving their sin, and endure to the end in order to be saved. 

So, the question whether Mormons are saved or not must be taken on an individual person-by person basis, not as a group. False or defective doctrines and beliefs will be eradicated at the second coming of Christ, even more so than at his first coming (John 4:25).

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