Why is church attendance important?


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Mini Peter Leon

The term church is misused commonly. We are the "church". The "church" isn't a building or a meeting place.

December 18 2015 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

Exactly! I wish the usage of 'church' was a lot less ambiguous. 'Local church' is O.K. if referring to a local part of the church, but not if referring to individual buildings. Treating the church as buildings gives false sacredness to those buildings and minimizes the importance of us living out or faith daily, among other problems.

June 29 2016 Report

16957887623996908263104115284753 Wanda Jenkins

Hebrews 10:20-25 clearly states the assembling of ourselves is that we may draw from each other and hear the high priest of the house of God which is Jesus Christ. It is in the assembly of believers coming together that we are able to draw from each other: the body of Christ. WE need each other for encouragement. Love, and Support. Our Lord knew this!!!

January 02 2018 Report

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