What is the right religion for me?


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Mini Larry Truelove

Religion is not something you choose like clothes. Certain beliefs don't become true because they feel right to us. God makes demands on us and we should seek to conform to them.

But church denominations are another matter. While the bible is clear on many things, it is not equally clear on everything. For that reason some church denominations are called different "religions" even though they have more in common than not.

April 07 2014 Report

Mini Ni Jay

If you plan to convince unbelievers please be careful of the reactions. It may be like trying to talk to someone who has invested all their savings over the last 20-40 years in a retirement savings company that it was all useless. However unlike any retirement schemes they can save themselves even at last minute if they place their trust in Christ. All what is required is for them to truly believe and trust Him as the Savior and son of God. This is the reason why Jesus asked us not to judge others (Matthew 7:1) for only He knows who is a genuine believer and who is not. That is why He said "Not everyone who says to me 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 7:21)".

September 08 2015 Report

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