Is Jesus a myth? Is Jesus just a copy of the pagan gods of other ancient religions?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
There are a number of people claiming that the accounts of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament are simply myths borrowed from pagan folklore, such as the stories of Osiris, Dionysus, Adonis, Att...

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9aa51e4b447252291b959c696fb96539 400x400 Jeremiah Kaaya Pastor at Springs of Power Church, Teacher by professional
A historian, more so an archaeologist who denies the existence of Jesus the CHRIST should be disqualified from the History society. To deny that Jesus exists and manifested in flesh is to equally deny the existence of so many other characters such as; Herod, Caesar, Pilate. This is because Jesus the CHRIST manifested in the flesh in the same period, He came into contact with many of these characters. But more so, it gives us the right to deny characters such as Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Stalin, etc ever existed simply because of the length of time between when they existed and now. Did the world have to start with us? If I may also ask; those who say Jesus is a myth if any, why do they say so? What are they exactly looking for? What are they trying to prove? Could someone answer these questions of mine?

Nobody denies kings David or Solomon existed or even Abraham. They don’t even give them as much attention as they do to Jesus. This may be because their impact on the human race does not go as far as that of Jesus. How much the existence of Jesus the CHRIST is challenged in terms of His existence and power should only tell us how much He has influenced every fabric of society world over; historically, socially, politically, religiously, etc. Whoever denies Jesus existed is only denying their very existence! Jesus is the very reason you and I are here and alive. It is also to deny much of all that we are dwelling on today such as the Year calendar. How could it be that someone created anything basing on a Jesus that never existed? How could it have gone through so many ages without any detection of any falsification? Small lies can be contained, not one as would have been about the existence of Jesus the CHRIST, not to this age. People are searching for facts of so many ages ago, if so, let whoever says Jesus the CHRIST is a myth not only talk about it out of unbelief and hate, but present us with empirical, undeniable evidence just as the one we have of His (Jesus the CHRIST’s) existence

You may deny whatever you choose to deny, nevertheless you may not be able to deny a multitude of testimonies of millions of people world over who have had an encounter with Jesus the CHRIST. People who have had their lives entirely transformed into a very different people in societies. I was a muslim, many things I did, how wrong they were was none of my concern, I only focussed on allah and my religion (formerly). No conviction whatsoever. The only conviction was to do the will of allah no matter how. An encounter with Jesus the CHRIST changed all this. The personality too changed. Formerly known for being radical and passionate about islam, I experienced a turnaround all because of my personal encounter with Jesus the CHRIST. I have experienced transformation in my character from being the one heading to doom to one heading to victory. Many other people from all walks of life; formerly; Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, Adventists, sorcerers, witches, etc have undeniable testimonies. We equally see the same type of testimonies in the Bible of the Pauls, historically proven, formerly persecutors of the Church being transformed into the evangelists of the gospel of all time. The Peters who were formerly so strong doubters offering even to die for the cause of Jesus the CHRIST.

NB I hear even Peter’s house still exists and it is one of the greatest tourist attractions.

The doubting Thomas who finally admitted and submitted to Jesus. After touching Jesus’ palms, he said; “you are my Lord and God” (John 20:24-29).

Who of us denies Paul, or Peter, or Thomas existed? Yet they testified of Jesus the CHRIST and they still do so through the Holy Scriptures. Where did they get the power from to act and confess the way they did? If Jesus was ever a myth, we wouldn’t be able to see a continued turnaround in the lives of these men.

To have seen or not seen them is not what we should be dwelling on here because of the many reasons. To deny something is not to conclude it wasn’t. Because of the strength, the influence, the power, of Jesus the CHRIST over the world, the devil still goes on to try and plant lies using people just as he tried to after the resurrection of Jesus the CHRIST (Matthew 27:62-66), (Matthew28:12-15). He (the devil) is not about to give up.

To deny Jesus ever exited is to deny so much of what the world is today. Jesus is not a myth; He is not just a copy of the pagan gods of other ancient religions. He was/is God Himself incarnate. These are not just plain words, there are concrete testimonies. Whoever says Jesus is a myth should present us with evidence just as we present much of the evidence that He did and He still does exist.
God bless

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Mp900442426 1 Michael Smith
I appreciate the comprehensive answers here. Very scholarly and interesting. I would only add that, of all the so called Deities that are mentioned, which has changed the world, or any individual? Facts are stubborn things. Because Christ is Truth, he will endure.

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Votc profilepic2 Joe Colling
Yeshua is true. All other beliefs are copy cat theories of him. He was the first.....all others came AFTER him. There really is nothing more that is needed to say, other than renew your mind. Romans 12:2.

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Mini Jill McKay
Jesus character is completely different than any of these evil gods. His motivation for his actions is love. He died a torturous death by choice after determining through prayer that his sacrifice and resurrection was the only way for our salvation. I'm sure he knew this before his prayer, but the prayer showed us his torment and what a great sacrifice he chose to make for us. Non of these false gods chose to sacrifice themselves for their followers, so Christ was certainly not a copy of them, he was nothing like them 
Christ's ressurection shows his victory over death that we can have as well as a free gift if we accept it. I don't believe the false gods offered ressurection as a free gift either. 
Christ was a servant while on earth washing the disciples feet caring for and healing the sick, loving children, offering forgiveness to those not accepted in society like tax collectors and prostitutes. 
Not only was Jesus not a copy of false gods, he is completely opposite from them

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