How can I know if something is a sin?


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Mini Collins Otonna

My answer might draw rebutals, but sin is doing something which we well know to be a sin or wrong, or something for which our partaking it is morally indefensible but we still partake in it, like adultry for example
That is why the people most at risk are false or fallen christians who continue to wallow in sins which they very well know to be such

especially when they falsely rely on the perceived abundance of grace from the cross

indeed a child prostitute who became so from parental rape and frustration can grow up a prostitute unfortunately, but if that unfortunate lady has not met Christ or become born again and has never stepped inside a church, or received the gospel, these are the perfect subjects for Gods grace, and one might will be shocked to find such in heaven, but a catholic priest or evangelical or Church attending Christian who hear the gospel sunday in sunday out but who out of the lust of the heart and craven sin patronises a prostitute, commits abortion, adultery or abuse an alter boy, will be at more risk of Gods wrath.

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David goliath victory hg clr Jim Tumlinson

ALL of our sin was forgiven on the cross, the only time God judges our sin would be if we did not get born again then it would be imputed to us. We are not to be sin conscious but righteousness conscious. Since we are the righteousness of God in Christ then there is not way for us to lose our right standing with God, His righteousness remains forever, and He upholds us with His righteous right hand.

I'm not saying it is okay to sin, but our flesh does sin whether we like it or not. Romans 7

I John 3 says we who are in Christ do not sin.

We forget we are a spirit-born of the spirit of God (if born again)
We live in a body-flesh-that sins
We have a soul-mind, will, emotions-flesh

So when we forget who we really are we focus on sin, and if we really understood that we are the righteousness of God then our focus will be on righteousness and doing right stuff.

Grace teaches us to be righteousness conscious- Tit 1:11-12 and law teaches us to be sin conscious Romans 6

We need to stop worrying about what is sin and we won't do it as much and focus on what our position is in Christ and we will do more out of righteousness and His love for us.

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Mini Frederic A Parker

I recall a recent challenge from our Sunday school teacher. Below are the question and the answer.

What is the Biblical basis for “Let you conscience be your guide?”

NONE. This phrase became popular from a song Jiminy Cricket sang in the Disney movie Pinocchio.

1 Corinthians 4:4(NIV)
My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me.

After all, what kind of conscience do you have?
--ESV includes – good conscience, clear conscience, weak conscience, and evil conscience.
--NASB adds – blameless conscience, and seared conscience.
1. When the Bible tells us about God’s law being written on the hearts of man, it is talking about mankind generally, not individual people. This is what is called “natural law.” All societies have similar basic moral understanding. For instance, you are not allowed to murder people in your own group. Whatever good may come from natural law, it all is suspect because it was corrupted by the fall.
2. When properly informed by Scripture, the conscience can trigger doubts or concerns that need to be cleared up by further study.

Conclusion: When tempted to excuse an action or a sin and say, “My conscience is clear,” remember to complete the sentence as Paul did, “but that does not make me innocent.”

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