Should Christian men or women wear earrings?


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Data Danny Hickman

Yes, christian men and women should wear earrings and any other kinds of jewelry they like if they so desire.
It's a matter of culture.

Paul said 'If meat causes my brother to sin I won't eat meat (1 Cor 8:13).

He said that after explaining that some people wouldn't eat food they thought had been sacrificed to idols. He went on to say there's only one God, God the Father, and one Lord, the Lord Jesus, so there's no need to worry about food sacrificed to gods that don't really exist. He goes on to say, 'Not all men have that knowledge, and are accustomed to idols, and so eat food as if it were sacrificed to an idol.'
Long story short, he will abstain from food for the sake of his brother.

I've heard this used as a way to say we should abstain from certain things if that certain thing causes our fellow inmates to sin.

Listen! Paul was being hyperbolic! He's saying he'll stop eating for the sake of a person's soul. He's saying he'll give up his freedom in Christ for another person's soul. For example, he won't wear an earring if it causes his brother to falter.

I get it! But we all know food doesn't cause a person to lose their soul, and neither does jewelry. So he's really teaching a weak church an important truth: the supreme value of a soul.

I read it for myself; he said he'd give up food... I was taught he meant MEAT, specifically. That's not what the scripture is saying; it means FOOD. He didn't mean that literally. It's hyperbole!..

Wear your jewelry...

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