If an unmarried couple has sex, are they married in God's eyes?


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Q myers headshot Brooks Ryan

While I understand that sexual immorality is undoubtedly real, from what I've learned and studied, the Bible never explicitly states anything about the term "pre-marital sex" or to abstain from it. Correct?

August 24 2014 Report

1385651483 Samantha Garro

Exodus 22:16 says "If a man seduces a virgin who is not pledged to be married and sleeps with her, he must pay the bride-price, and she shall be his wife." So it does make me wonder, while it doesn't mean that once two people have sex they are married in God's eyes, is it true then that it does mean that those two people should then stay together and get married as to honour this?

December 16 2014 Report

Img 0360 Terry Gillard

Given all that has been said about when a couple are married, sex, it appears is the seal.
However, to conform with the bible, the binding of 2 people in marriage involves:
- A Public statement We are now together for life
- A Binding statement before God. Life - not until the end of the marriage
- A Socially Recognisable form of marriage. Others must know that you have joined together.
- A coming together (sex) is the seal of the other actions.

Unfortunately, I believe the Church, which recorded marriages for many generations, has abandoned the responsibility, and allowed the government to take over the registration and recording: the result is an increased number of governments performing same-sex marriages.

I've been married 42 years and very happily. However, I do believe the Church should rise and state, being married before God is important: civil marriages are at best only a secular recognition of a God-blessed union.

August 17 2015 Report

Mini James Kraft

Thank you Samantha; I was looking for the portion of old testament scripture but could not find it. I believe to add to it, if I remember correctly, if done this way there is no grounds for divorce and the couple has to stay together no matter what until the death of one of them. Of course this is old testament law, but it is a good guide to keep in fellowship with God through the spirit.

I also believe that God is so mercyfull that when he brings two people together He comes into that marriage and makes it work. Oh how we should love His mercy and grace. What sometimes we do in sin God makes it work for good. Who can understand the grace and mercy of our God who loves us so much He went to the cross to save us from our sin.

December 29 2015 Report

Img 20170608 234604 480 Gabriel Agha

This happened to me: I had sex with my wife and she became pregnant while I was in the world (not yet saved). I brought her in to live with me without paying her bride price. When I accepted Christ I told my pastor about our relationship, and with the help of the pastor I married her properly. This time it was before God when did I marry her.

August 11 2017 Report

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