Does a wife have to submit to her husband?


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Stringio Helena Jones

First, I am not married, but one who not only want to become married, but also God is preparing me to become ready as a good wife. What I am learning from the scriptures, and no I will not list scriptures to back up my views, is that submission is not necessarily always doing as your husband asks you to do. Think about that, if your husband request you to do something unreasonable, or perhaps illegal, will you really submit to his request of you? Of course not! The Lord is revealing to me that submission is about an order of man & woman joining together, coexisting, where the man has headship, he is our cover. He protects, he provides, he guides, he minister and together we speak and discuss our differences, regardless if we agree. We respectfully disagree and move on without hostility.

It does not necessarily mean that I will do everything he asks of me, nor does it mean that I will disobey his requests of me, especially when the outcome is something that will directly affect me, which of course will indirectly if not directly affect him (husband). Such as a medical decision, I will discuss a medical concern with my husband, and he will provide his opinion, but the decision utimately will be mine. In saying this there will be some decisions that a wife (according to what I am hearing from the Lord) will and should be expected to submit to her husbands authority, regardless of her opinion. She can voice her concern, but should submit to his authority.

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