What is dispensational premillennialism / premillennial dispensationalism?


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Premillennialism as a system is primarily based on a literal method of biblical interpretation. The main premise of premillennialism is that Jesus will literally return to the earth before (pre) th...

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As a Bible scholar, we can categorize the dispensations of a man into SEVEN categories as given below:

1. Innocence - could not tell the number of days/years; it covers re-creation of earth's second perfect state /second habitation to fall of man. The dispensation ended before Adam and Eve had an offspring (Gen. 2:21- 25; 4:1).
2. Conscience - 1656 years (Gen. 3:22-- Gen. 8:14) from Adam's fall to the 600th year of Noah (Gen. 5:1- 29; 7:6, 11)
3. Human Government - 427 years - Noah's Flood to the call of Abraham (Gen. 8:15-- Gen. 11:32)
4. Promise - 430 years - Abraham to the Exodus of Egypt (Gen. 12:1-- Ex. 12:37)
5. Law - 1718 years - (Ex. 12:38-- Mt. 2:23; 11:11; Lk. 16:16). From Moses to Christ.
6. Grace - It is now ongoing as we are living in 2014 AD.. It will end ONLY upon rapture of His Church. Once the saints or believers are raptured, anti-Christ to take over.
7. Divine - The seventh probationary period-- Dispensation of Divine Government, or Millennium (Rev. 19:11-- Rev. 20:15). Length of this period:1, 000 years (Rev. 20:1- 10).

We are living in the sixth probationary period is called Dispensation of Grace (Mt. 3:1-- Rev. 19:10; Jn. 1:17). Length of this period:from the first to the second coming of Christ and the binding of Satan in the abyss at the end of this age. It has already lasted nearly 2000 years. The rapture, completion of the first resurrection, judgment of saints, judgment of nations, and the tribulation or Daniel's 70th week take place at the end of this age.

We cannot say or predict when the church will be raptured as Jesus himself does NOT know name and hour. Only Father knows.

As I can discern the mind of the Father God, the anti-Christ cannot take over so soon. It is quickly but not so quickly...

At the end of these seven dispensations, we will enter into The New Heavens and the New Earth, when the earth is perfect the third time-- the eternal perfect state with God all- in- all again (1Cor. 15:24- 28), as before rebellion in the universe headed by Lucifer and Adam (Isa. 65:17; 66:22- 24; 2Pet. 3:13; Rev. 21-- 22).

It is time to go back to the grace of throne on our kneels....

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

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