When is civil disobedience allowed for a Christian?


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The emperor of Rome from AD 54 to 68 was Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, also known simply as Nero. The emperor was not known for being a godly person and engaged in a variety of illicit ...

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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Supporter Shomer
As the question itself has so many variables among them; geographical location, the current form of government and most importantly it's driving ideological doctrines as applied to the subjects or governed.

I'll use the Representative Republic as was found in early America based on Biblical principles with God given inalienable (not subject to forfeiture) rights.

Simply stated; there is a finely calibrated bargain at the heart of a republic:
Citizens have duty to obey the lawful and legitimate mandates of the government, including those with which they disagree.
And the government has a solemn duty to the people governed, to exercise due diligence in seeing that all it's actions are LAWFUL and LEGITIMATE.

The Dred Scott decision of 1857 ended an 11 year legal battle on the question of slaves as property, this decision was of a political nature and not based on law as it was rendered by this supreme court.

Their reading of Article six, the second clause "The right of property in a slave is distinctly and expressly affirmed in the Constitution". Therefore, nothing in the Constitution or laws of any State can destroy the right of property in a slave.

This court edict though legal, but not moral, became the often parroted mantra "the law of the land" and fueled a robust debate in the years that followed, some verbal, but most physical and violent.

There arose a moral citizen who would challenge this evil court edict and debate it within the court of public opinion, which is held daily in the public square of ideas in a free society. During the seven Lincoln (a lawyer) vs Douglas (a judge) debates held August to October of 1858 in Illinois.(Judges 14:4)

Douglas; we are told by Lincoln that he is utterly opposed to the Dred Scott decision, or will not submit to it, for it deprives the negro of his rights and privileges as a citizen.
The question then arises. What rights and privileges are consist with the public good?

Douglas; The Dred Scott decision was pronounced by the highest tribunal on earth. From that decision there is no appeal this side of heaven. 
Yet, Mr. Lincoln says he is going to reverse that decision. Does he intend to appeal to strife, violence and rebellion to lynch the law?

Lincoln; Reduced to it's lowest terms, this is no other than the difference between the men who think slavery wrong and those who do not think it a wrong. 

Lincoln would later be elected president in 1860 and the great American debate on this issue, known as the civil war would begin and at it's end 750,000 Americans would lay dead including Mr.Lincoln.

The 13th. Amendment would abolish legal slavery, via the evil Dred Scott decision, by overturning this evil court edict.

Today we live under two yokes of bondage placed upon the people of the land by this same high tribunal. I speak of the recent landmark marriage edict and a 1973 edict Roe vs Wade (murder as a right) which has accounted for sixty two million deaths.
The evil of another era share it's pride of the work they did by keeping great records, but here more importantly they want to get paid $.

We now know for a fact just how evil and for profit planned parent hood (Murder Incorporated) has always been rumored and thought to be, it's before our very eyes, yet where it the righteous moral outrage in our land?

In a little hamlet it is said; There sat a protestant church that was next to a railway track junction where it's members would gather for services but over time they had to adjust their hours of service and just sing louder to cover the noise coming from the railway, a member would later say that in the end they themselves were screaming.

We didn't know the noise coming from the railway; were the cries of those traveling East to the death camps!

As we all wade ankle deep in innocent blood; Shall we continue to just sing louder?

LEGAL INSURRECTION: “a rising up against established authority; rebellion or revolt” “in conformity with or permitted by law”

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