What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?


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Mini Gerald LaRosa

I believe all the answers to be valid. I just have to laugh that the secular opinion of Human existence must have started with "Alien" life planting some kind of "seed" on this planet. Why then do they not also eagerly embrace the notion that "Aliens" also planted dinosaurs as well. In the wave of this ridiculousness, the "Aliens" must have destroyed them as well.
Let us then remember that God created all and His method(s) are above our understanding. Scientists still can't really explain why a piece of wood stays together, let alone the universe. They keep coming up with new theories but never actually explain or divulge the (God's) blueprint for how anything on this planet and beyond started. Oh Yes, they have a futile and childlike theory called "The Big Bang". No kidding? Big Ka-boom? Well, someone needed gunpowder and a trigger on the gun. WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE?

November 27 2014 Report

Data Tony Flores

The Bible doesn't say what happened to the Dinosaurs, but we do know that for God, a thousand years is like a day and a day is like a thousand years. In other words, time is nothing for an eternal God. Some people estimate the Earth years in the millions, but we know that this earth and heaven will past away for a new Earth and a new Heaven some day and as Christians we should look to the East awaiting for the Rapure and we will know all trivial questions that we have. Also the Bible teaches that Heaven will be so wonderful that we cannot even imagine how great it will be. We have to concentrate on the race we are in for this earth is just our temporary home.
Live each day as it was your last, because it is.

November 28 2014 Report

Mini frances Keene

Has anyone ever thought about the fact that there were two floods? One flood destroyed all of the Dino's and the other, humans and all vegetation.
Just a question for the scholars. God told Noah to take on the Ark two of everything right? Then why not, two of every race on the earth? I will never believe that Noah's sons formed the entire races on the earth. God created the races himself.

October 27 2017 Report

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