What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?


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The Bible states that a world-wide flood destroyed all flesh at the time of Noah (Genesis 7:18-23). This would have included most of the dinosaurs and other reptilian creatures. Evidence of this catastrophe is seen in the way these creatures were buried alive in vast sediments, sometimes many species together in 'fossil graveyards'. The fact that some died giving birth or fighting each other is proof of this sudden cataclysm - which took place thousands, not millions, of years ago. DNA and protein in the unfossilised bones of T-Rex with measurable amounts of C14 show the young age of these specimens. (Carbon 14 does not last longer than about 100,000 years - so dinosaur tissue from a 'Cretaceous' Period which supposedly ended 66 million years before present is an anomaly!)

Some dinosaurs would have been in Noah's Ark, either as juveniles or possibly inside eggs. Their descendants would be the ones experienced by various people-groups around the world and which have now been hunted to extinction. In the Bible we read God's description of a land-based and of a marine creature that sounds very much like dinosaurs - behemoth and leviathan (the word 'dinosaur', terrible lizard, wasn't invented until about 1841) - Job 40:15- 41:34.

The answer above which suggests climate change was the cause of the dinosaurs' demise suggests a worldview which disagrees with the Biblical worldview. The Bible teaches a young earth with catastrophic changes during its history. The humanistic worldview (naturalism, materialism) looks at things very differently. It relies on long ages (billions of years) and gradualism/ uniformitarianism to explain events. Present observable forces are believed to have acted the same way in the past, without change. 'The present is the key to the past' is the dogma of secular science. This goes against the geological evidence of both a young earth and of catastrophism, as well as the testimony of God's inspired Word, the Bible.

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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The extinction of the dinosaurs is an enigma that has captivated scientists for well over a century. We find the fossilized remains of giant reptiles all over the earth, yet we do not see any of th...

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Stringio Steven Scott Grader for the Ontario Jail Ministry
Two of each animal were taken on the Ark. This would include the dinosaurs. However, since the flood destroyed all vegetation (which puts out oxygen), there wasn't enough oxygen for the dinosaurs (they were LARGE, so they needed a LOT of oxygen).

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Mini Todd Rushing
Something that has not been previously mentioned is that from ice core samples taken from Antartica have found that oxygen levels and atmospheric pressures before the flood indicate oxygen levels much higher than after the flood. Also, atmospheric pressures were approximately 1.5 to 2 times the pressures today. It has been shown that these two factors benefit mankind by extending life and reducing catastrophic illnesses due to the oxidizing nature of high O2 content. This also makes it possible for large body animals, such as reptiles, much more prolific. Some scientists theorize that with the lower atmospheric pressures, lower oxygen levels and increased UV radiation, dinosaurs could not survive long-term. This also shortens human lives.

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