When were/are our souls created?


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B8c746f3 63c7 43eb 9665 ef7fba8e191b Kelli Trujillo Supporter Minister, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher, Musician
In the Creation account, we are told that God first formed Adam from the dust, and then breathed life (or "spirit") into his nostrils. Later He created Eve from Adam. Adam was made complete in every way: Body, soul, and spirit, and so was Eve. Nothing needed to be added to them or taken away from them once they were created. So it would seem that this was when their souls were created--at the very dawn of Creation. Since God created all living things with the ability to reproduce after their own kind, every person born since Adam and Eve has the same components to his/her being: Body, soul and spirit. I hope this helps.

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1362953942 Tim Scott
Correct. We don't have a soul.  We are souls.  Souls can die. Ezekiel 18:4;20.  When God created man, he took the body he made and breathed  life into him.  Man became a living creature. At death, it's reversed. The breathe of life is gone. The body returns to it's original state. Returns to ashes. Just like God said it would.  Dust thou art and dust thou shalt return. We are souls.  If you turn to the book of acts 27, the shipwreck with Paul. You will see that that God saved 290+ souls.

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Joshua 24 15 me and my household Leonard (ZQMA*9) Eugene Adavidsson-Swanston, Jr. Hagios Phos |9|
I Greet Thee with a Christian kiss, humble to the Saints who are with us and gathered together with Christ Jesus {where two or more are gathered there He is also} to know the things of The Word of God.  Peace be unto Thee & Thine Household, Ms. Woods.
     After reading your inquiry and reviewing the submitted answers, I am Spiritually incited to assist you in finding The Answer that you may balance your Scriptural Knowledge and so order your Steps along the path through The Straight Gate. Here's something for you:

     After reading the Scripture Authority to your answer you will be able to answer this question: "Can I see your Soul?"

Okay, let us begin ...... | My Response:
                        These verses are from the KJV of The Holy Bible - and you can read them and the words will be the same [Refer to the 'nothing added & nothing taken away Scripture].

     Additionally, whether you read the 1611 or 1638 versions it will still read the same, the focus here is on the word "SOUL", and NOT the newer substituted words/translations for that word in new[er] bibles.  A living "being" and a "soul" are two distinctly different entities.
      The numbers, eg., "Soul > 5315" are related to the Strong's Concordance 'definitions' of those words in the 'original language' that the word was first used pertaining to its usage in The Holy Scriptures whether it was Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek. You do NOT have to be nor need to be a Theological Scholar to find the original 'in context' meanings, Ma'am.  | New translations change words - as You already have seen, read, and know.

     This following Holy KJV Scriptures, combined, answer your inquiry of "When were/are our souls created?" and is The Answer to your question, Ms. J.C. Woods, and I would amicably exhort you to read The Scriptures to see whether these things are so [or not] so that You can rightly divide the Word of Truth/God no matter from whom you hear it or from whence you read it.

     One other thing, I capitalize certain words not to be 'hollering [at you] but solely for emphasis, to draw attention the specifics of that word. \ LSwanston9 
Let us go to now, and Reason [again, this is The King James Version]:

Part I:      When God created man and woman He created > NOTICE the word 'CREATED' < God created them in His Own Image - which is a Spirit - and He "created" them BOTH at the Same Time [Yes God did, and Scripture bears that out; read below. Don't fret or worry about what you heard, were told, or what you thought before, take Joy in The Word of God, that TRUTH that The Spirit will reveal to you in just a few seconds].
     >> " Gen 1:27 So God 430 created 1254 man 120 in his [own] image 6754, in the image 6754 of God 430 created 1254 he him; male 2145 and female 5347 created 1254 he them." << (Yep! Both at the same time, Ms. Woods.) < This is Genesis Chapter One (1) - the 'creation of the SPIRIT of man and woman.

     This Scripture authoritatively verifies and tells You that 'we' are initially a Spirit.  God is a Spirit, Lucifer is a spirit, and man[kind, male & female] is a spirit.  'He who comes to God [who is a Spirit] must worship Him in Spirit' < I am sure you can find that verse in Scripture, Ms. Woods. The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us; Spirit - to Spirit - to Spirit and in reverse.

Part 2:     You will read in Gen 2:5  ' ... And every plant of the field ... there was 'no man to till the ground'.  Now, how can this be if God had already "created" man?  That is because man was "created" in the 'image of God' and God's image is a Spirit > therefore since man was 'first created as a SPIRIT' and a Spirit or spirit cannot pick up anything of substance - like a rake, for instance, much like Casper the ghost cannot turn a doorknob and open a door, he would pass right 'through' the door ... I believe You can visualize what I am relating to you.  The Scripture verification of that [what I just said above] is found at Gen 2:5 [copied & pasted] below (This is from the Blue Letter Bible - which You, Ma'am, can also view online at: http://www.blueletterbible.org/search. You can make shortcuts to put on your desktop and in your quick-launch task bar at the bottom of your monitor/screen): |> The following is Genesis Chapter Two (2) - the "FORMATION" of man [1] from the materials of earth and, Gen 2:22-23, the making of woman  [2] from man's body.|

     “Gen 2:5 And every plant 7880 of the field 7704 before 2962 it was in the earth 776, and every herb 6212 of the field 7704 before 2962 it grew 6779: for 3588 the LORD 3068 God 430 had not 3808 caused it to rain 4305 upon the earth 776, and [there was] not 369 a man 120 to till 5647 the ground 127."
     Now how could that be - that [there was NOT a] man to work the land, farm the soil, reap or prune the vegetation, or even till the ground? The above Scripture just told you why! As you know BY the Scripture 'man' was "created in the Image of God which is a Spirit" and the rest you can visually understand by the example given of Casper [the ghost].

     So, we ask, 'How then was 'man' (who had NOT YET been named "Adam") able TO till the ground?  Well, Ms. Woods, the answer to that is the following Scripture that is the substance of the answer to your question:  READ it for yourself in your KJV Bible. Some translations change the word "soul" into something that the educational level of their day, or today and yesterday are able to understand and relate [to their time of word usage, as words are always evolving and morphing into a double entendre [< a word that can have two meanings, depending on the 'content of the concept' of the sentence and the 'context' in which the word is used].

     For example, if I said "I'm bad" people, knowing the 'primary meaning of 'bad' would not look upon me nor my actions favorably. However, when Michael Jackson made an audio recording entitled "I'm Bad", that meant that he was "the Best".  "I'm bad, when said with a certain tone or in a certain contextual reference, meant "I'm really REALLY Good at this - for instance, "I'm the baddest dude at billiards!" < That is an example of the meaning of words changing. But do not get confused, 'Soul' in The Holy Scriptures means exactly what God meant it to mean, not what 'man[kind] wants it to mean, for them, today, to suit their ends.
     So, let us go to and read the whole and close of the Matter:
     "Gen 2:7 And the LORD 3068 God 430 formed 3335 man 120 [of] the dust 6083 of 4480 the ground 127, and breathed 5301 into his nostrils 639 the breath 5397 of life 2416; and man 120 became a living 2416 soul 5315."

     The key word here, Ms. Woods, is the word "FORMED MAN", Ms. Woods. The materials that He used to FORM = shape = construct = author = make ... man was earth = dirt = clay = ground. 
     Now the shaping or forming of something - which is what the form was, which had a definite 'shape' is just that, an inanimate object with the purpose only known to the maker/Creator or that object.
     Scripture relates that God "breathed into his nostrils 'the breath of life' < THAT BREATH of Life from God 'animated, or gave movement of what we know and now call consciousness and life - as God has given Us to understand it.

     IT is that "COMBINATION" of the 'breath of life' AND [the combining with] the 'form of the dust of the ground' which went into that form through the 'nostrils' [of the form of that man] that CHANGED the inanimate 'form' into an animated form - so, that form 'WITH' the breath of "LIFE" caused the man - whose originally was/is spirit 'TO BE SENT'   I N T O  that form through and with that "breath".  The RESULTING object or form, then took on a NEW NATURE that is called the " S O U L " .Because that form received the breath 'of Life' - 'a' life for its form, it became "a living {a + life = alive = a living} "soul".

     Think and picture this, Ma'am.  Take a glass of water, and hold an "Alka-Seltzer tablet over the glass of water.  The water is the Spirit, and the tablet is the dust of the ground. Both are still and NOT moving - the tablet definitely is, and water seems not to be moving, but actually it is [but I'm no physics major and that is outside the purview and scope of this example anyway].  Now, Ma'am, drop the tablet --- WAIT, better yet, put the tablet on the table ... {much better illustration} ... now pour the water {the Spirit of God} onto {breathing into the nostrils} the tablet ... pour the water onto the tablet...  (:-0)  ... see what happened, besides a small mess ;-)... The tablet starts to bubble-up and spreads. Well, that is an example of the dust of the ground coming to life and becoming THAT Living SOUL.  
     Ms. Woods, your question is phrased partly correct and partially incorrect = which comes across as vague but a question nonetheless, that is why you have gotten different responses.

     Now, with the understanding of WHAT, actually and realistically, a soul is, you can see that, though a soul does have an origin, a soul is actually 'your body that is made up of/comprised of, 'FORMED' from the dust of the ground WITH The Spirit of Life from God inside of it.  

That body, Your body, was shaped and designed by God for a specific cause, reason, and purpose [which three are also different from each other].  The 'spirit' inside your body got there because God put it there - AFTER he 'formed' the body from the dust of the ground.  BUT ... the soul, meaning the body did have a 'starting point' which it could be correctly stated that the body 'was created by FORMING IT FROM' the dust of the ground.  It was after he was formed that he acquired the name "Adam". Since God saw that it was not good for man/Adam to be alone - remember man and woman were 'created in the same Image of God and at the same time' but man/Adam, later, was FORMED FIRST ... and then, later, God formed Eve. When man/woman, aka human beings, expires = dies then this following verse does apply: 
     "1Cr 15:45    And 2532 so 3779 it is written 1125, The first 4413 man 444 Adam 76 was made 1096 1519 a living 2198 soul 5590; the last 2078 Adam 76 [was made] 1519 a quickening 2227 spirit 4151."
     From ashes man/woman was 'formed' and made alive = living, by the Breath of Life, and to ashes man/woman without the Breath of Life shall return, BUT THEIR SPIRIT shall remain alive.  The spirit is in the body but the spirit is not the body.

     In closing in words, and parting in the flesh, but not the spirit - God forbid, Ms. Woods, I would suggest this:
Ms. Woods < > Pro 4:5   Get wisdom, get understanding: forget [it] not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.  
Pro 4:6   Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee.  
Pro 4:7   Wisdom [is] the principal thing; [therefore] get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.  
Pro 4:8   Exalt her, and she shall promote thee: she shall bring thee to honour, when thou dost embrace her.  
Pro 4:9   She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee. | 
And again Ms. Woods, "James 1:5   If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all [men] liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."

Ms. Woods, 'let him ask' also includes 'let Her ask', too!  Be of Good Cheer, "Mat 6:33 But 1161 seek ye 2212 first 4412 the kingdom 932 of God 2316, and 2532 his 846 righteousness 1343; and 2532 all 3956 these things 5023 shall be added 4369 unto you 5213." 

     Walk in the Spirit that you may be able to discern the things of the Spirit and of the wiles of the fleshy knowledge of man[kind] - that you may search The Scriptures to see whether these things are so, that certain workers do NOT make merchandise of thee and thine householders.

I salute Thee & Thine Householders, Your curiosity and Faith,
 Agape, Hagios Phos, ZQMA 9\Mr. Swanston

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Seth3 Seth Freeman
At the moment of conception. God created us as both physical and spiritual beings.  We will always be both physical and spiritual beings. When Christ returns and redeemds and restores we will be given perfect bodies that are no longer driven by desires of the flesh, but are perfected in Christ.

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Mini James Bryant
Simple answer. Soul is flesh and spirit combined. If one dies, then there is no more soul life.

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Mini Justin Pinkney
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5

We were already in relationship with God and was commissioned to do a specific thing before we enter Planet Earth in our fleshly form.

The body of a man shall perish, but the soul of a man shall be judged to it's submission to flesh on Earth or the Spirit on Earth.

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Stringio Lorraine Andrews
In the book of Genesis, the description of God creating man ends with the verse saying "and the man became a living soul". KJV

We do not have a soul, we are a soul. In  today's English language, we still use the word accurately, hence, "oh, you poor soul" or "how many souls were lost in the flood?"

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Image Cheryl Cole
I don't think we can know for certain when our souls were/are created. We know that our bodies are created at conception and have 9 months to become fully formed but I don't think we can be certain when the soul comes into the body. Is it at conception? I would think so but don't have anything to back that up with.

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1331603282 Adrien Coleman {Son of a KING}
My opinion is {The KING spoke it there it is} God is not like man where he should lie or confuse you if it is written it's from God. Genesis speaks clearly on the soul as well as making man in there image {Father& Son}. Your soul starts whenever he created you in the images...

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178635 435846259785637 203418296 o Rajaraman V
The Scriptures mentioned below answers the question

Psalm 51:6
Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb; you taught me wisdom in that secret place.

Psalm 139:14-16
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
 your works are wonderful,
 I know that full well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you
 when I was made in the secret place,
 when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
 all the days ordained for me were written in your book
 before one of them came to be.

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Mini Antwi Forson
God is a spirit. Man is created after God's image. This means that man is a spirit being that has a soul and a body.

At creation, we got to know that man was formed from the dust and that was how man's body was formed. After physical death our bodies will perish.

Now what is soul? Our intellect, our emotions. It is that part of man that needs to be renewed day by day. It has to do with the mind. 

Man is a complete spirit and he has a soul and lives in a body.

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Mini Robert Bamford
According to L. Berkhof's Systematic Theology, there are three different theories concerning the orination of our soul:
1) Pre-existentianism, some speculate that we had a previous existance with the Father as a spirit before we were born.
2)Traducianism, some believe our are propulate along with our bodies at conception.
3) Creationism, some believe God creates a new soul is pre-formed in the physical life of the foetus.

All theories have priblems, personally I take the traducian view, although I hold to the principle of not being dogmatic where the Bible is not dogmatic.

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Mini William Beaumont
The text about man being created in the image of God tells us that we are made to resemble God as a reflection but many get confessed into believing that we are God, ie. Spirit. God told Adam plainly after he sinned that he was dust. We are made a material being, wonderful chemistry and engineering so we can walk and talk and do a lot of things. We have a memory and emotions but it is all material. What God breathed into adam's nostrils was air. It's called pulmonary resuscitation. Oxygen in the blood brought Adam to life and he BECAME a living soul. 

So how do we become like God if we are not given his Spirit. Adam was given the Holy Spirit but when he sinned the Spirit left him and he became a material being. Had he not sinned he would not have gotten old because the Holy Spirit would have done the necessary maintenance and repairs in his body as needed. We get sick today because of sin. 

So when we die our soul, which is who we are, perishes with the body. We the have to wait for the resurrection when God will create a new body and download our "memory" into that new body. Then this new creation will be you. You will say,. " Praise God I made it. Wow! Look at the angels. This is great.! Where is Jesus, I want to thank him personally."

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Dsc 0043 Tim Collinson Tim Collinson
The soul of man/woman is part of us all. Although sometimes in the Word of God spirit as in the spirit of man and soul are interchangeable, there is a difference. I am not an expert and can only gather from what the bible says. Our souls are the seat of our emotions, i.e. how we react. Another way to look at it is this way; we speak of asking Jesus into our hearts when we first respond to the Gospel. However I do not believe this speaks of that organ just slightly left and center that pumps blood around your body.. although it may apply.

When we are saved, born again we submit our attitude and will to te Lord so that we no longer live to ourselves (the expression of this we no longer our soulish, or walk according to the lusts of our feelings and what we want.

Interestingly enough it says God saves our souls, it never says He saved our spirits. For the simple fact that when man sinned that part of him was removed. Adam was now a soulish man, and Jesus died to undo the curse of sin and to take the judgement.

Our reactions to how we live should be in line by walking in the Spirit, our souls should come into line when we do walk in the Spirit.

We do not worship God in soul and truth, the Word of God says that those who worship Him must do so in spirit and truth.. and not in a soulish and emotionally hyped way. 

btw this is by no means a concrete answer...

God bless you Janice, in Y'shua

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