Will God forgive blasphemous thoughts toward the Holy Spirit that you want to repent of if you consider those thoughts intentional? Is it possible to be forgiven for having had such thoughts?

If you thought horrible things you want to repent of thinking against the Holy Spirit because you were tempted or angry, can you be forgiven? I just feel empty and hopeless. Jesus said blasphemy of the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven and that evil thoughts come from the heart. I want to repent, but feel as though there is no hope or forgiveness. Please help

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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
Commentaries on Matthew 12:22-32, Mark 3:22-30, and Luke 12:10 that I have read (and that have been very comforting to me) have indicated that the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to which Jesus was referring was a sin that could only have been committed during His earthly life, when His opponents personally witnessed the healings that He performed (and, specifically, the expulsion of demons and other unclean spirits from people), and yet claimed that Jesus was empowered to cast out those demons by Satan, rather than through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The only sin that cannot be forgiven today is the final, irrevocable rejection before one's death of the redemption, salvation, and eternal life that God has made possible through faith in Jesus' sinless life, atoning death, and resurrection.

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20230618 192834 Donna Williams
Dear Anonymous: I have had the same experience with having evil thoughts against the Holy Spirit, and I was tormented by the fear of committing the unpardonable sin. I was carrying so much guilt and shame that it was hard for me to believe that God had forgiven me. I was also doubting His presence in my life; this happened because the enemy used someone in my past to sow a seed of doubt in my mind, that I did not have the Holy Spirit due to the sins that were hidden in my heart. I have to admit that I was angry with God, and the enemy used the anger that I was feeling towards God against me, but I never stopped seeking God, even though I was depressed, doubtful, and discouraged. But the Holy Spirit was there all the time. He is faithful to His word, and will never leave us, nor forsake us.

I believe Satan has convinced many of God's people into believing that they have committed this sin, but if you are afraid that you have, then this is an indication that you have not, The Holy Spirit is with you, and He is the one who convicts us of sin, and brings us to repentance. The mere fact that you are showing godly sorrow, shows that your heart is not hardened against God. The unpardonable sin is the sin of unbelief. The Pharisees attributed the work of the Holy Spirit to Satan—that's blasphemy! The Holy Spirit is able to discern our thoughts, and the intentions of our hearts.

I believe that when I shared with a sister in Christ that I had committed the unpardonable sin, I gave Satan access, and he was able to convince me that those thoughts were my mine, and that I would never be forgiven. The devil is a liar, and an accuser of the brethren!

I pray that the Holy Spirit will give you peace, and that you will be able to move forward! Keep crying out to Him, and He will surely answer! 

Today, I am free, because of the truth of God's word, and I am at peace, and without fear! I know that the Holy Spirit is with me, because I never would have made it if He wasn't!

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Mini James Kraft 74 year old retired pipeline worker
We are all sinners to a degree, because we cannot be made perfect in the flesh. Only our soul/spirit is saved. 

Colossians 2:13. We have been forgiven all trespasses. Romans 4:7-8. He has imputed His perfect righteousness to our account. 

He will no more impute sin to our account. Our sin debt was paid in full at the cross. John 3:18. We can be chastened by the Lord, and lose our rewards in heaven, but not eternal life. 

Romans 6:23: For the penalty for sin is death, but the GIFT of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. The GIFT of God is eternal life. Paid in full by the giver. John 3:18.

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Philip medium Philip Davies
I think this is an important issue to raise. There are some Christians who are needlessly tormented with the idea that they have committed the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. And so they feel hopeless and lost forever; no matter how much they repent or how many tears they shed, they feel they cannot be forgiven.

Such feelings are completely mistaken and for a very simple reason. 

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with sinful thoughts. It is an outright and complete rejection of the Holy Spirit, who brings conviction to the heart and a desire for God. The only reason this sin is unforgivable is because it means rejection of the only means by which you draw close to God. You cannot be saved if you spurn salvation itself. You cannot be convinced of sin if you reject the convincer. You cannot desire God if you reject the one who brings desire to the heart.

The only people who have to worry about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit are those who care nothing about the Holy Spirit; those who despise the Work of the Spirit and attribute it to evil. They cannot be forgiven because they do not want to be forgiven, for they have rejected the Spirit, which seeks forgiveness. The fact that you are worried and troubled about your relationship to God is evidence of the Holy Spirit working in you. You have not committed this sin.


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