What should we learn from the life of Samuel?


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Mini Robert Karanja

Thanks for the very profound synopsis of what we can learn from Samuel's life. I feel strongly drawn to prayer and faith in God. Specifically, I see Saul's submission to the fear of rejection over obedience to God's word, he has the perfect excuse - he had already waited the 7 days for Samuel to arrive, the army was getting restless and beginning to desert him, and Samuel was running late! That is so me. It sounds so reasonable to make a case for the "guy on the ground" to call the shots on the way forward. Waiting on God for me would have seemed next to impossible and yet that is what God required. Do I have faith in Him, can I persevere in prayer - confident that He will show up and that He is the solution. Too many times we have been told leadership is about "stepping up" or "being the captain of our own ship." God's way is different. I need to learn to lean on Him. To depend on Him. In my weakness, His strength is made perfect. I have many big decisions to make in my life and from here on out, it will have to be on my knees.

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