What were the prophets and Samuel prophesying in 1 Samuel 19:20?

Saul also tore his clothes and began prophesying too in verse 24.

1 Samuel 19:20

ESV - 20 Then Saul sent messengers to take David, and when they saw the company of the prophets prophesying, and Samuel standing as head over them, the Spirit of God came upon the messengers of Saul, and they also prophesied.

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The bible text does not explain what the prophets were prophesying about. However, we can come up with a list of possibilities based on the context of these events in 1 Samuel 19 and our general understanding of the use of prophesy throughout the scriptures. Here are some observations:

1. God had rejected Saul as king because of his unfaithfulness
2. God had removed his Holy Spirit anointing from Saul
3. God allowed an evil spirit to oppress Saul which led to Saul's great jealousy of David's popularity with the people
4. Saul tried to kill David twice in his very presence
5. David fled to Samuel for guidance and protection
6. Saul again sent men to search for David and kill him
7. When Saul's men came to Naioth at Ramah, they saw Samuel and a group of prophets prophesying
8. The Spirit of God came upon these men and they also prophesied
9. Three times Saul sent men and each time they prophesied
10. Finally, Saul himself came and he too began to prophesy
11. This led to the people's belief that Saul was also a prophet

Now, let's examine the content of prophetic messages in general. 

1. A prophet is someone who delivers a message from God. 
2. This message can be about current events or future events, even way into the future. 
3. God sends these messages to reveal his sovereign will for his chosen people, so they understand his plans and purposes
4. God sends messages of admonition, rebuke and call to repentance when his people have strayed away from a close relationship with him, and are indulging their sinful desires
5. God sends messages of comfort, consolation and promise when his people are suffering, being oppressed at the hands of their enemies
6. God sends messages that exalt and glorify his name, reminding the people of his love and faithfulness in the past, and declaring how he will bless them in the future
7. God sends messages to establish justice, righteousness, love and faithfulness among his people
8. God sends messages of promise and hope to strengthen the faith of his people

Given the specific circumstances of these bible events, here are a few alternatives to consider.
1. David was the anointed king of Israel but his life was being threatened by these men who were hunting him down
2. The Holy Spirit caused Samuel and the prophets to begin prophesying in order to protect David's life
3. As each time the men were swept into the prophesying, they no longer had any desire to capture and kill David, and the same thing happened to Saul
4. God had begun the process of installing David as the new king, so it is likely that the prophetic messages were declaring God's plan and purpose for David's reign
5. God had also used David mightily to defeat Israel's enemies and had always protected his life. The prophesies could be celebrating what God has done through David to deliver Israel from their enemies
6. We know from biblical history that David turned out to be Israel's greatest king, a man after God's own heart, who consolidated all the promised land under the dominion of Israel. The prophesies could be foretelling the great achievements God would bring about through David as the new king of Israel
6. The fact that Saul and all his men were prophesying, speaks to God's sovereignty over the affairs of the nation, and Saul's inability to thwart the plan of God. The prophesies could also be announcing the transition of kingdom leadership from Saul to David.
7. David was afraid for his life, so the messages may be giving David courage to persevere, to assure him of God's protection, and to strengthen his faith in God

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