What is the purpose of the thousand-year reign of Christ?


Revelation 20:6

NIV - 6 Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years.

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Mini Brad Vincent

Why is it only for 1000 years? What happens after that? Is the learning curve for eternal life 1000 years?

December 22 2013 Report

Mini James Dick

There was no place called Palestine in the Old Testament, so how could there be a Palestinian Covenant?It was given the name Palestinia by the Romans who hated God's chosen people, so lets be more careful in using the name of Palestine when referring to God's Word.

August 27 2014 Report

Photo Anthony Clinton

Casper Mcconnell I cannot open the responses so I am left to go to this discussion page to respond to your comment. Whether the Bible mentions the word Rapture or not. The Fact is, the return of Christ is, the last day on planet earth and their cannot be a 1000 year reign after Christ's return. You might answer the Scriptures I quoted that prove there is no Millennium after the ONE AND ONLY RESURRECTION OF THE RIGHTEOUS DEAD, 2Peter 3 proves that the world will be done away with at the second coming, 1Corinthians 15 and Matthew 13 on the explanation of the wheat and tares is infallible proof that at the ONE AND ONLY RESURRECTION OF THE RIGHTEOUS DEAD, also comes the final judgment.

You spoke about doing forensic research on the subject, well that my friend was also the habit of the Pharisees and teachers of the Law. They attempted to understand prophecy with their human wisdom but when the Messiah arrived they were forensically wrong.

August 29 2014 Report

1353198748 Alex Nin

I've been reading about the millennium and the people who believe that this is literal in this earth. I think we have to look at what Jesus said with his own words to Pontius Pilate when he was been accused of being king;

John 18:35-37 New International Version (NIV)
35 “Am I a Jew?” Pilate replied. “Your own people and chief priests handed you over to me. What is it you have done?”
36 Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.”
37 “You are a king, then!” said Pilate.
Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”
Very clear Jesus stays that his Kingdom is not from this world and it is in another place. Then how can we sustain that he will reign for a 1,000 years on earth? Is this a contradiction of what it says in Revelation?

May 21 2017 Report

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