Is it sinful to prefer Bible apps on smart phones rather than the physical hard copy Bible?


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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
The gospel message was initially spread by word of mouth. It was a number of years after Christ's ascension before Mark (the earliest gospel writer) committed the account of Jesus' life to written words.

In addition, unless an individual can translate New Testament Greek, any text that a person reads in his own language will already have passed through other intermediaries. (The website http://www.biblehub.com shows many different English versions or translations of individual verses.) 

Therefore, as long as the written/translated gospel account is an accurate reflection of the original inspired Greek text, I would say that the format in which those words are read or viewed makes no difference whatever.

In fact, since the use of electronic media makes it possible to disseminate information much more rapidly in comparison to printed texts, such formats (in my opinion) might also be preferable from the standpoint of being able to reach as many people as possible.

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Mini Aurel Gheorghe
Bible describe sin as breaking of the Ten Commandments: “Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.” (1 John 3:4). 

I’m not aware of any commandment that directly or indirectly condemns the use of electronic devices to study the Bible. Using an electronic device to read or listen to the Bible is a great way to use modern technology for God’s glory. 

Having said that, we must be mindful of all the distractions that a smart phone or tablet can present. Although I disabled on my smart phone all news notification and advertisement, occasionally, at the most ill-timed moment news or weather alerts happen to pop-up. So, when using any type of electronic device for the daily devotional or Bible study, one should be prepared to ignore all the distractions built within the system.

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Photo John Moyo Christian youth teacher
If using technology to study or preach the Bible was sinful, then all the radio and TV programs employed by various preachers of different denominations to reach millions across the world would also be deemed sinful.
Surely that cannot be the case since as Christians we have a duty to "go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature"(Mark 16:15).

I am sure that St Paul would have been grateful if he could broadcast his message rather than suffer the hazardous journeys he had to undertake by land (on foot) and by sea (with shipwrecks) to reach his audiences.
However modern technology has its own drawbacks, the main one being distraction. People have been known to be busy chatting on their mobiles in church during sermons.Therefore although the use of technology in itself is not sinful, it is how, where and when we use it that can cause us to sin.

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1517713455 Michael Olson Supporter
I would like say I agree with Tim and Aurel they both make good points here. I would like to add to this (as a electronic Bible user) I find that when I need further clarification on the scripture There is a plethora of information online. I find myself delving into the word even more to find the true meaning that God wants us to have about His word.

Some of the electronic bibles also have devotional calendars that you can either setup yourself and/or choose one they already have setup.

Enjoy your electronic Bible unashamed and, without conviction from God.

If you really want to delve deeper into this question you may want to start with "Is it sinful to prefer to read the Bible in a translation rather than learn the Greek and Hebrew languages so that I may read it in the true language and thereby translate it accurately for myself"

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Mini Peter Leon
The Word of God is Jesus and is energy. John 1 spells it out clearly when God spoke all things into existence. That which points to Jesus is NOT sin. By having 30+ translations including Greek and Hebrew on my phone and my IPad, and the Holy Spirit in me, with his help I can more easily divide the Word and get closer to Jesus.

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95 1 Jay Saunders
I wore out three very expensive Dakes study bibles in my life time since being born again in the mid 1980s.

Now all I use is my smart phone as a bible. At my command online I have every version of the bible every where that I go but I still prefer the King James English version best because it always slows down my reading speed because I must translate it to today's English meaning in my mind.

Besides that the bible clearly states to write the truths of God's scripture on the tablets of your heart. Meaning meditation, memorization and quotation of the promises of God in prayer, through witnessing and sharing God,s truth will eventually translate it from your mind to your heart because after all faith is not completely logical. You must believe in your heart.

But without faith it is impossible to please God and is necessary to activate the power of God in your life. Of course, obedience and faithfulness is the proof of love for the Heavenly Father. After all, Jesus himself proclaimed, those that love me obey me.

If you get thrown in a prison some day for your faith or become a prisoner of war. A bible or a cell phone bible program access is not likely to be at your disposal so write the scriptures in your mind and believe in your heart that Jesus was raised from the dead and all the rest of the bible truths and promises.

This is not my teaching but the bible says to do it. Proverbs 7:3. Romans 20:9 (the heart) John 14:15 (Obedience) 2 Tim. 2:15. Hoses 4:6-7 (Study to be approved of the Lord)

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Mini Al Mark
Having a Bible app and using electronic Bibles and tools can be very helpful - it is easier to search, link, and copy text than to do it with a hardcopy. You can also access different versions and compare them quickly to get a better understanding of a passage.

Is there any downside? For some people, their phones are their lives, and if they were to lose their phone, they would be utterly lost. This verges on their phones being an idol, something which they would consider the most important thing in their lives, which we as Christians know is wrong.

Nothing can replace God as the center of our lives, be it a job, a spouse, a child, or any possession. If the attachment to the phone is that great, then it is sinful, as is anything that takes us away from God.

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Mini Niamien Aka
New technologies can be used by both non-Christians and Christians. We Christians should use them to support the spreading of the good gospel of Jesus Christ. 
I strongly believe that it is not a sin to use. I am even inclined to think that if such technologies were available at the time of Christ, he would have certainly use them to reach out to a larger audience.

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