What is God's Word?

Can someone give me a summary?

Ps 33:4; Jn 17:17
2Sa 22:31 ppp Ps 18:30; Pr 30:5 
1Kings 8:56;  III Kings 10:10
Ps 103:20 
Ps 119:89,152; Isa 40:8;  1Pet. 1:25
Ps 119:103 
Ps 138:2
 Isa 45:23 
Eph 6:17
2Ti 2:9  
Heb 4:12  
1Pe 1:23 

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Mini Tim Maas

Is the question asking for descriptions of God's word from the Bible that are in addition to the ones included in the verses cited in the question itself? (The verses cited in the question itself seem to already answer the question.)

January 22 2020 Report

My picture Jack Gutknecht

No, just the descriptions of God's Word from the verses cited.

January 22 2020 Report

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