What's left in place of Tyre today? Ezekiel 26:14

14 I will make you like the top of a rock; you shall be a place for spreading nets, and you shall never be rebuilt, for I the Lord have spoken,’ says the Lord God.

See Ezekiel 26:7-14

Ezekiel 26:14

NKJV - 14 I will make you like the top of a rock; you shall be a place for spreading nets, and you shall never be rebuilt, for I the LORD have spoken,' says the Lord GOD.

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Aside from the ruins of the ancient city of Tyre that remain in modern times, my understanding is that the the city's former location corresponds to the site of the present-day town of Sur (also spelled Sour) on the Mediterranean coast in southern Lebanon, approximately 50 miles south of Beirut, with a population of approximately 120,000.

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From Ezekiel 26:14, "never be rebuilt" is best understood to mean that Tyre's glory and prestige would never be restored. It took Nebuchadnezzar 13 years to conquer Tyre (598 to 587/586 B.C.); it is not known for certain that the island portion of the city fell at that time. 

The Babylonians of whom Nebuchadnezzar was king threw timbers from which Tyre was built into the water and claimed the spoils for themselves.

Nebuchadnezzar did destroy the coastal cities. However, the people of the port of Tyre had obviously relocated to the island city, which they were able to successfully defend against the Babylonian invaders. Nebuchadnezzar had defeated and plundered the cities on the shore, as Ezekiel prophesied in Ezekiel 26:7-11, but he could not defeat the island city. This fact is reported in Ezekiel 29:18.

Further, the prophecy predicted of what would happen to the island settlement, Tyre, in Ezekiel 26:14, was fulfilled later when Alexander the Great finally conquered it. He threw the rubble of the mainland city into the sea until it made a bridge to the island. Then he marched across the bridge and destroyed the island in 332 B.C. 

Today the island city of Tyre exists as a small town of 5,000 although another source says it is still a pile of rubble, a testimony to God's judgment.

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