What miracles had God done "among all mankind"? (Jeremiah 32:20–33)

20 You performed signs and wonders in Egypt and have continued them to this day, in Israel and among all mankind, and have gained the renown that is still yours. 21 You brought your people Israel out of Egypt with signs and wonders, by a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with great terror. 22 You gave them this land you had sworn to give their ancestors, a land flowing with milk and honey. 23 They came in and took possession of it, but they did not obey you or follow your law; they did not do what you commanded them to do. So you brought all this disaster on them.  ...

Jeremiah 32:20 - 33

ESV - 20 You have shown signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, and to this day in Israel and among all mankind, and have made a name for yourself, as at this day. 21 You brought your people Israel out of the land of Egypt with signs and wonders, with a strong hand and outstretched arm, and with great terror.

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The miraculous acts that God had performed in freeing Israel from its bondage in Egypt, and in defeating opposing rulers as Israel was journeying to the Promised Land, had become known in other nations, as well (as testified to, for example, by the words of Rahab in Jericho (Joshua 2:8-10)). 

God's involvement continued further in Israel's crossing of the Jordan River (Joshua 3); in causing the walls of Jericho to collapse (Joshua 6); and in the defeat of all the rulers of the various nations in Canaan, as described in Joshua 8-12.

In addition, God's presence and activity had similarly manifested itself closer to the time that Jeremiah was writing, under such seemingly impossible circumstances as when Jerusalem was besieged by King Sennacherib of Assyria, when God delivered the city by slaying 185,000 Assyrian soldiers (2 Kings 18-19). 

In my opinion, it was these actions (and not just the actions themselves, but the wide dissemination of the reports of them, as well as the effect of those reports upon those who heard them) to which Jeremiah was referring by his reference to God's deeds having been done among "all mankind", which may not have encompassed the entire world as we know it today, but had the effect of bringing God glory throughout the known world that existed at that time

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Jeremiah 32:19-21 Expanded Bible (EXB)

19 You ·plan [are great in counsel] and ·do great things [mighty in deeds]. ·You see everything that people do [L Your eyes are open to all the ways/paths of people], and you ·reward people for the way they live and for what they do [L give to each according to his way and according to the fruit of his deeds]. 20 You did ·miracles [signs] and wonderful things in the land of Egypt [Ex. 7–15]. {These are The Ten Plagues} You have continued doing them in Israel and among the other nations even until today. So you have ·become well known [L made yourself a name]. 21 You brought your people, the Israelites, out of Egypt using signs an; Jos 1d miracles and your ·great power [L strong hand] and ·strength [L outstretched arm]. You brought great terror on everyone.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

The Expanded Bible, Copyright © 2011 Thomas Nelson Inc. 
A “sign” as used in Exodus 4:8 NIV is a supernatural event or phenomenon designed to demonstrate authority, provide assurance (see Joshua 2: 12-13), bear testimony (Isaiah 19:19-20), give warning (Numbers 17:10), or encourage faith (Exodus 3:12—“I will be with you”). God’s promise to be a sustainer and protector of His people is oft repeated (Gen. 26:3, 24; 28:15; 31:3; Jos 1:5; Isa 41:10; Jer 1:8, 19; Mt 28:20; Ac 18:10).

A sign, then, is a visible proof or guarantee that what God had promised, He would surely fulfill.

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