What should the Christian view on MGTOW be? (Men Going Their Own Way)


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The view depends on the proponent of mgtow. 

I have followed various groups promoting this ideology, and came to the conclusion that it is yet another ideology with a double edged sword.

There are multiple interpretations within the mgtow community on what "men going their own way" actually means. To start off, the mgtow community is primarily built upon the idea that men have the short end of the stick in the current western societal marriage/relationship structures.

The blame is placed primarily upon the so called "privileged women" and those parties who enable these women to stay "privileged," such as "daddy government", education systems, raising girls with a princess/daddies girl syndrome, unfair divorces and the so called beta/cuckold enabler males, among others.

Men who came to certain realizations on the primary attitude of today's women have as such "taken the red pill and awakened to reality", (as opposed to those who have taken the blue pill and still "sleep") and now swarm together into communities where they discuss various forms on "how to deal with the situation at hand".

Most men who are part of this culture claim to have had streaks of bad relationships, divorces where women took everything, men who have been falsely accused of various things and/or are unattractive for women to date (no money, looks and/or desired character traits), among others.

This creates various expressions of mgtow ideology:
-1 There are those communities who "take revenge"; men should sleep around with women as much as they can, without getting into relationships.
-2 There are those communities which focus on building a hatred towards women and desire to oppose women wherever they can and ban women from their lives outright.
-3 There are those communities which focus on developing oneself into a specific type of man, focusing on personal growth and stepping away from the dating game until a suitable partner comes along.
-4 a mix of these examples.
Mgtow adherents can consist of any type of religious background.

This western society shows both men and women are being submerged in such sin and corruption of the western psyche, that mgtow is something that "logically" developed from it as a form of counter-culture.

Mgtow can have some interesting concepts, however there are but few Christians who actually promotionally work with this ideology; they are there however.

A man should, together with God, walk a path which is on God's terms, and not on anything this world offers, and that includes women imho. Some Christian mgtow proponents love to dig into this scripturally and debate and quote both old and new testament in favour of mgtow.

For a man to become independent, to move away from this world, is a good thing; his focus can move towards God and one can develop himself appropriately.

However, I disagree highly with many tactics that are being generated by some mgtow-ers to spite women. The creation of hatred towards women, promoting "pump'n dump" (to endlessly pursue flings/one night stands) and/or to degrade women, are things that are no go's.

Women are as much victims of this societal structure, (structure not in a form of hierarchy, but structure in the form of its "spirit", being developed and integrated into this society by human sin nature taking control of the culture) as men are.

I can state that mgtow can give a man tools to help deal and protect oneself against the Jezebels of this society and to find men who desire to protect and develop the masculine traits as God meant this to be. However, I advise that when dipping one's toes into this society, to carefully observe the fruits it produces and always compare with scripture that which is being proposed. 

Mgtow is a world filled with broken men seeking a way to vent their emotions and find solutions. Be mindful of this state. Many need support, a shoulder, an ear and mental and spiritual healing. As Christians we have Jesus, who teaches us how to be support.

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