Who are the 'these' Jesus referred to when asking Peter if he loved Him more than 'these'?


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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
I'd say that, by the use of the word "these", Jesus was referring to the other apostles who were present, and that He was asking Peter if he (Peter) loved Him (Jesus) more than those other apostles loved Him.

Peter had previously pridefully made the threefold boast that, even if all the other apostles would desert Jesus, he would not (Mark 14:29); that he was ready at that time to follow Jesus to death (John 13:37); and that, even if he had to die with Jesus, he would never deny Him three times (as Jesus had told him he would)(Mark 14:31). 

Jesus' inclusion of the words "more than these" in His first question to Peter (which He did not use in the other two questions) was targeted at the first of those three assertions, and referred to the degree of Peter's love for Him in comparison to the love of the other apostles for Him, in the same way that Peter had. (Jesus was NOT (as the English translation of the question might also be interpreted) asking if Peter loved Him more than he (Peter) loved the other apostles who were present.)

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Mini Grant Abbott Child of Father, Follower of Son, Student of Spirit
It is only natural for us as humans to compare ourselves with other people. Peter often boasted of his devotion to Christ and was often first to demonstrate his devotion. Even that morning Peter jumped in the water to reach Jesus first on the shore. 

Peter had denied Jesus three times, even though he had pledged his allegiance. Jesus asks Peter the question three times to prove to Peter that Jesus had completely forgiven him. Jesus also tells Peter to feed his sheep to recommission Peter as one of the apostles and leader of the new church he was going to create.

In John 22:15-23 Jesus asked Peter about his love "more than these" because Peter was going to have to give up his life because of his love for Christ. Jesus even told Peter how he was going to die. This human nature of comparing ourselves was still a struggle for Peter because he asks what's going to happen to the apostle John.

Twice Jesus has to remind Peter "Follow Me!" He has to do the same thing for each one of us because of our tendency to compare ourselves with others.

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Img 5726 Leslie Coutinho
Andrew, Peter's brother knew about the coming of the Messias (John 1:41) and had heard John the Baptist speak “behold the lamb of God”, (John 1:36) and Peter being brought to Jesus was told “follow Me” and he left everything he had and followed Jesus.

Peter was the only one to say “thou art the Christ” the Son of the living God (Mat 16:16) and Jesus blessed him for the revelation that came through him from the Father. For this was the Rock being bold and having discerning spirit of revelation of Jesus being the CHRIST for which Jesus said on this foundation I will build my Church (Mat 16:18)

After the crucifixion of Jesus and the visiting of the tomb the disciples went away to their own home and they were also assembling together in a place for the fear of the Jews and where Jesus appeared to them after the resurrection. (John 20:10, John 20:19, John 20:26)

Jesus then had breathed on them and said receive ye the Holy Ghost and whose soever sins ye remit they are remitted unto them and whose soever sins ye retain they are retained. Peter along with the disciples had a mission to accomplish to feed the sheep by going out to preach about salvation and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

Peter after knowing his mission, was back in his old way of life gone out to fish, and when he sees Jesus on the shore he jumps into the water and approaches Him. Jesus sees his love towards him and said to him do you love me more than “these”? Jesus knowing that he loved Him more than his disciples and his old life style of fishing and then jumping from the boat, was trying to make a point to him that, why are you back to your old ways.

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