Why does the devil want people to sin? What does he "gain" from this?

Does sinning make the devil stronger against God? I don’t understand the motivation of the devil. What if there were more people who died with sin than who repented? Could the devil just create its own “world” with sinners and live the way he wants to live? Going against God would be so tiresome. :-)

Mark 1:13

KJV - 13 And he was there in the wilderness forty days, tempted of Satan; and was with the wild beasts; and the angels ministered unto him.

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Mini Simplicius Pereira

Dear readers,

In my humble opinion, basically Satans are the fallen angels as taught to us by the church, our parents and forefathers. God had created them with great power and beauty. They could do wonders and adopt any form they liked to have. But they were not happy because, they thought they were not as powerful as the only supreme God, the Creator, the Father.

In their ambition to be equal to God in all respects and be independent they sinned against God and were punished by him for their sinful desire and disloyalty to God.

So God created human beings with much less power and knowledge than the fallen angels so that they would be dependent on God and faithful to him to be with him as part of creation and his own existence. So the man and the woman who was created by God were very faithful to him.

We are given the description of eating the prohibited apple by Eve and then on her insistence by Adam. There must have been many other things which are not described in the Bible where satan tried to convince Eve that God had been very cruel or unkind to them. How much time and days he tried to convince Eve we really don't know. At last when Eve was fully convinced by the demonstrations of Satan she ate the fruit by doubting God and she convinced her husband Adam to eat the fruit.

When God knew his beloved human beings broke the trust they had in him, he appeared to them and they hid themselves covering their private parts which they thought as shameful. These thoughts of shame, sin and guilt feeling came to them through the medium of satan and by the attitude to be as powerful and efficient as God and be an independent super being like God. By the temptation of satan they fell victim and lost the grace and protection of God.

This was exactly what the satan wanted, to prove to God, that the human beings he created in place of the fallen angels were no more goodr than them. He wanted the human beings created by God to be punished just like them and cause a feeling of defeat in God.

But God in his eternal plan for mankind created them in all their weakness to be faithful to him and to comeback to him in repentance and hence belong to his kingdom eternally prepared for them by the way of salvation through Jesus his only son.

So, However and whatever satans, the fallen angels, may do for taking away human beings away from God they will not succeed. That is why we must endure and be thankful to God for creating us in weakness, suffering, ignorance and be uncertain about our future because then we will surely will go to God and belong to him some day!

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