What is the spiritual significance to a deja vu experience?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The term déjà vu is a French term coined by a French psychic researcher named Émile Boirac. Déjà vu means "already seen," and is also called "paramnesia." It describes the feeling of having already...

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Nils 1 Nils Jansma Missionary in San Diego California
Deja vu may be associated with the phenomenon of time itself. Without going into the details because they are very complex, Einstein changed our view of time with his theory of relativity. In general, we view time as only a measuring rule that defines successive events in descriptive terms. However, Einstein gave time and space coexistent properties. So time is not just a measuring convention, it is actually a “thing” with structure that we now call space-time. Without space, there is no time and visa versa. To get more information regarding this view, see “Eternalism” in Wikipedia using the link below.

Now about Deja vu, we assume that God is situated outside of space-time. He therefore knows the past, present, and future as if they are all real. (Isaiah 46:9-10) The fact is, Einstein has proved mathematically, that they are all real. If that is true, deja vu may only be a very dim recollection of the events in our lives that we have already experienced in eternity past. This would be due to God’s creative “middle knowledge, (Molinism)” which is another term to consider that supports this view. (See link below)

Very briefly, Middle Knowledge, can be defined as God’s method of creation that occurred in eternity past where everything is “now.” There are no time distinctions and so a life time of events can occur to a person simultaneously. If our lives were lived during that period, we would have no conscious awareness of the events. However, when God “actualized” the events in space-time, we become aware of everything we did moment by moment within the context of our Middle Knowledge actions. This explains how free-will and God’s foreknowledge are not in conflict. All our actions in the Middle Knowledge phase of creation were of our own free will.

Such knowledge should be very encouraging to us, because we can be assured that God is in charge and everything will happen in accord with His will because it has already happened in God's mind. He would not “actualize,” in our time, any event that did not completely support the accomplishment of His will.

Scripturally, there are numerous references to God’s foreknowledge, predestination etc., which all support the view that the past, present, and future are all real. I know it sounds fantastic, but it is becoming harder and harder to deny as the evidence unfolds. You may also be interested in viewing a 9-minute video on Youtube that illustrates the concept graphically which is very convincing, in my opinion. (link below)


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