Can Satan create? Such as material/physical things or even living things?


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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
I would say that Satan and his demonic followers are spiritual beings originally created by God, but who rebelled against Him and are now only capable of doing what the permissive will of God allows them to do (Job 1:12; Job 2:6; 1 Corinthians 10:13).

They can possess living beings (humans and animals), and act through them (Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5: 1-17; Luke 8:26-37), even performing seeming miracles (Acts 8:9-24; Acts 16:16-18), but they cannot assume visible, physical form themselves, nor are they capable of creating anything "ex nihilo" (from nothing), as God can. They work with or through things that already exist.

They are capable of seeming to be agents of good (2 Corinthians 11:14), but this is for purposes of deceit, and their ultimate objective is always to work against God and His plans.

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Mini Marvin Reynolds Retired Chaplain U.S. Army Hospital
This question has an answer not described in the Bible but IMPLIED by how the world appears in Genesis. It is is obvious that Moses in writing down the facts is obviously received from his people that left Egypt with him moving to the promised land.

It is reasonable that we noted that Moses was raised as a Pharoah of his land as an adopted son of a daughter of the current ruler. He was a Jew and it at age 40 or about he discovered he was a Jew.

This points out that not even the Jews could describe to him what occurred BEFORE this world was reordered by the creation of new area under God's command. This implies also that the Angels of God had a duty to supervise the Worlds created by God and they MUST have (based on the incidents in the account of Noah) to cause birth of HUGH forms dedicated to Evil. Moses could not explain this nor his people but the fact that life was of God and distribution was assigned to Angels for a reason we do not understand YET. 

Satan CAN NOT create life, but he can cause life dedicated to him to come on the scene and how we do not know YET. But we will in Heaven.

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Open uri20180215 27595 swhzrk Walter Lee Husband with an awesome, godly bride!
Satan and all of his fallen angels can deceive and destroy. The only thing, that I've ever found in the Bible that he can create is temptation, confusion and condemnation. God convicts us when we do wrong. He brings about that conviction in our heart. Satan and his mess of fallen angels attempts to tempt us, tries to make us feel condemned and unworthy of forgiveness. He also tries to confuse us into believing that we can do things ourselves, while we put God on a shelf.

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001153bb 93cf 4797 838f 09c99e76f3d9 Ryan A
It's important to remember that only God can create. Everything that we make relies upon the existence of something else. For instance, I can build a computer from pre-existing parts, but I can't create a computer. I can't bring a computer into existence. Only God can bring something from non-being into being.

That being said, the answer is no. Only God has the ability to create. Could Satan manipulate existing objects? Perhaps. But he definitely cannot create.

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Mini Richard Addo Agyemang
My answer is based on three texts: i.e James 1:17, Daniel 10:11-13 and John 10:10. The little research that I have done, I have come to know that Satan can never create from nothing on his own like God (James 1:17) but rather steals the reply or answers of Christians who are unable to pray, lead a good life and wait patiently on the Lord till the end. 

Indeed there are forces of darkness that try to make it impossible for our prayers to reach God and try to fight the answers to our prayers when the answer is coming from God. Daniel 10:11-13. When they finally get access to these prayer results, they try to own it and this explains the reason why some get babies and other things from witches and satanist. It's something that they stole from Christians who couldn't wait patiently for the answer to their prayers till the end. John 10:10

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