How should a Christian view climate change?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
It is interesting to note how the phrase "climate change" is replacing "global warming" as the catch phrase of environmentalism. Some scientists/climatologists are certain that human activity, prim...

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Stringio Dale Richardson
Revelation 11:18 says God is going to destroy those who destroy the earth, also God created the world, why would we not take care of his creation? We as Christians are to do our part in not destroying the earth.

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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Supporter Shomer
I humbly submit that while it's a duty of Christians to be good stewards of everything God has loaned to us for His use and glory, today this simple truth has been hijacked.

There is demonic deception at work and simply stated it's that the secular intelligentsia ruling class and their ideological fellow travelers have made this into a secular religion.

Acts 5:29; Haggai 1:5-6
This Babylonian religion has its infallible revered high priests and clergy who enforce the esoteric faith (enlightened knowledge) through theatrical totalitarian coercion and the incessantly withering campaigns against all unbelievers via their media portals.

Luke 8:18; Habakkuk 1:4; Luke 11:35
Along with their expert panel of purchased witnesses (the best money can buy of course) they stand ready to defend the faith with their pure empirical science in lab coats.
The religion's bedrock other than pure emotional faith is supposedly empirical science (derived from experiment and observation RATHER THAN THEORY).

Hosea 4:6
But here the only science they have are computer models of data they included into their own program and guess what folks? They got the answers they wanted (ah cooking the books for a super fat pay check and then junk science).

Luke 6:22; Psalms 84:10; Mark 10:42 
There will be no further debate as the president has stated, "The debate is over" and that "flat earth folks need to accept reality" and still others within our government now call for the prosecution and future jailing of unbelievers. These examples of how much liberty they are willing to take from you, all in a country founded on religious freedom for all its citizens, is really all you need to know on this matter! 

Matthew 24:4; Mark 13:5; Mark 13:13
The Lord Jesus said deception would mark the days before His return, mark it well friend as the days are short before our eyes.

In the Lord"s freedom.................warrior on

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