What is the difference between knowing God and believing God?


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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
In my opinion, it is possible (in a sense) for knowing God to be a completely objective, intellectual exercise. As Paul indicated, God has given a witness of His existence that anyone can sense and experience in nature and in the inborn human conscience (Romans 1:20; 2:14-15).

That knowledge does not necessarily translate into belief, however. Belief comes from familiarity with the record that God has given of His relationship with humanity in His Word, the Bible (Romans 10:17). 

Through that familiarity, we come to know God in a deeper way -- not just in the sense of being aware of His existence, but of learning about His holy nature, His commandments to humanity, and (most importantly) how humanity has become universally separated from God by sin, and what God has done to address that separation through Christ.

To me, believing God is then the next step, where we personally acknowledge the truth of what He has revealed about Himself, about humanity collectively, and about each of us individually, and we respond by faith to obtain the salvation and eternal life that He has made possible.

We then embark on a lifelong experience of continually growing closer to Him by reflecting our faith in our words and actions; by increasing our knowledge of Him through ongoing study of the Bible; by prayer, and by fellowship with other believers.

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Mini Billy P Eldred
To answer this question, I would need to differentiate whether you mean by "knowing God" as "knowing of God" verses personally "knowing God". 

Actually, to me, this distinction is a growth process, starting with knowledge of God growing to belief in God and culminating in knowing God. 

I believe that everyone knows of God, even Atheist. God has created this world with evidence of Himself just about everywhere we look. That is why in every culture, even remote islands, there will be some kind of representation of a higher power albeit in many cases far from the Truth. Human beings instinctually seek answers about purpose, etc. Which is really seeking God. I find it sadly amusing that when a professed non believer is confronted with mortality, many times without even realizing it the words "oh my God" seem to just come naturally. 

From these instincts, physical evidence etc. We can go two different directions. We can turn our backs or we can begin searching earnestly. It is, again, to me, when we start to seek Him that he reveals Himself to us through the Holy Spirit and enables our Faith or belief in Him

From that point, we begin to grow in Christ to learn more about Him and fellowship with Him by spending time in His Word. It is then that we are able to know God. This process should never end. The more we seek, the more we pray, the more we read His Word, the more we KNOW Him!

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