Why did God choose Mary to be Jesus's mother?


Luke 2:1 - 6

TAGALOG - 1 Nangyari nga nang mga araw na yaon na lumabas ang isang utos mula kay Augusto Cesar, na magpatala ang buong sanglibutan. 2 Ito ang unang talaang-mamamayan na ginawa nang si Quirinio ay gobernador sa Siria.

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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
In my opinion, God chose Mary for multiple reasons:

1) Because of God's undoubted knowledge and foreknowledge of her personal and spiritual qualities, and of her ability to raise the Son of God and to successfully endure the trials that she would experience as His mother as a result of opposition to Him (starting when He was two years old or less, all the way up to His crucifixion);

2) Because of her descent from David (along with Joseph) in fulfillment of prophecy (starting with 2 Samuel 7:16), but (unlike Joseph's descent in Matthew 1:2-16) being descended from David through Nathan (rather than Solomon) (as indicated by the genealogy in Luke 3:23-38), thus avoiding the curse placed on Jeconiah -- also known as Coniah -- and his descendants by God in Jeremiah 22:30;

3) Because (in God's foreknowledge) of the fact that she lived at a time when she would be required to travel to Bethlehem (where Micah 5:2 had indicated that the Messiah was to be born) just before giving birth as a result of the census ordered by Augustus, and because of her betrothal to a descendant of David;

4) Because she lived in Nazareth, to which she and Joseph would return to raise Jesus, which would allow ultimate fulfillment of Isaiah 11:1;

5) Because she was a virgin (in fulfillment of Isaiah 7:14), and yet was betrothed to Joseph, which would allow Jesus to have an earthly father.

Perhaps Mary was the only individual who even possibly could have satisfied all these requirements.

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In my opinion, Mary just "found favour with God", not her merit or works of holiness or righteousness - Luke 1:30

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Mini Daniel Olsson
The answer is likely that God is omnipotent and eternal and created Mary and her life according to his own wishes and needs. It is obvious that we humans lack the ability to sufficiently understand the workings of the heaven, but with faith in Jesus and as a result the full guidience of the Holy Spirit, we can start to understand. Amen. Thus, God is the beginning and the end, the starter and finisher of all things.

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